Kyoukai no Kanata

Kyoukai no KanataAkihito Kanbara (CV: KENN) is a half-spirit. An immortal half-spirit with a glasses fetish. One day he sees a girl with glasses and because he think she’s going to jump off the school rooftop, he runs up to talk her out of it. But after she got back within the fence, she stabs him with a blade made of blood, and Akihito now starts a life where this girl, the spirit warrior Mirai Kuriyama (CV: Risa Taneda), stabs him with her blood blade every single day and slowly they learn more about each other…

This show is a dark fantasy set in a realistic world. Which means I’ll like it by default. I’ll admit that much. But except for the fantasy element with spirits and people with magical abilities who fight them, there’s more that makes me like it.

It has plot twists. These days a lot of shows are extremely predictable, but then again all of them seem to be about love. But not even in my wildest fantasies did I get that Mirai originally came to kill Akihito. And I have some pretty sick plot twists in my head. And I started out believing it would just be a fantasy love story or something. I didn’t think it’d be dark.

The characters are… weird. I could say unique, but honestly they are just weird. Hiroomi Nase (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki) is a siscon who’s sensitive to cold and his younger sister, Mitsuki Nase (CV: Chihara Minori) say some pretty mean stuff to Akihito (and her brother). Mirai and Akihito are also weird. But they have personalities and reasons for their actions.

The animation is well done and it’s well-paced in its 12 episodes. Maybe a little rushed at the end, but otherwise well-paced. I also really liked the fitting soundtrack.

(A plus is that it had KENN as the main character, but I didn’t say that.)

But the most important thing is that it simply had it story layered. It wasn’t as generic as I thought it would be. At all. It certainly has the elements that would make it a monster x hunter type of romance anime, but it’s not just that. It’s more. It’s deep. And what I could get from the 12th episode, we’ve only scratched a bit on the surface. It left me with new questions after answering some of the ones I got through the ride. It was one of the best shows during the autumn season of 2013. Though the autumn season wasn’t that good. But I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

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