Who may I be? The introduction of Anny

So, this week isn’t a post about any game, book, film or anime. From next week on the posts will appear twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. Because of that, I thought I should take the opportunity to introduce myself. I mean, as far as my readers go, I’m just some random blogger who work as an illustrator who rage about how bad anime is. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know me a bit better, but I mostly complain there. Does that mean I’m a raging complainer?

I certainly hope not.

Here’s 10 facts about me:

1. My Name is Christina, although I’ve gone by the name Anny for years now. It was by accident that name came to be. back in the days when I started getting involved with Swedish anime communities, I was at some point called Anchrisis. It was taken from Christian, really, as that was what I was s’posed to be named if I hadn’t been a female. (Not much of an imagination there, is it?) Well, people at one of the communities started calling me Anchan, and to make it easier for people to recognise me at deviantart I made an account called an-tan, which I also used on MangaBullet (which doesn’t exist anymore – good riddance). There people started calling me Anny and so I took it on. It’s basically a nickname based on my name. (lol)

2. I’m in love with a wonderful younger boy man and I have a cat called Natura. It’s an adorable cat, but I spend 50% of the time not liking him. My wonderful younger husband boyfriend I do like 100% of the time though. (^__^)

3. I grew up surrounded by books and music. My mum liked reading and she and she wrote a lot. She also painted when I was younger. I myself started playing the flute when I was 6 and hence music ended up being a big part of my life. I still play.

4. My favourite TV show when I grew up was Sailor Moon. After its initial run in Sweden I didn’t miss a single re-run, so I’ve probably seen the two first seasons of Sailor Moon more than 10 times since I first saw it. My mother also liked Sailor Moon and the two combined became my gateway to anime. My mother had a co-worker who liked anime and mum told him I liked Sailor Moon. He told her there was a drama, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and she made me watch it. She also gave me some anime to watch such as Ranma 1/2 season 6 and 7 and Ah! My Goddess OVA and film. She also eventually bought me two volumes of Dragonball, but I found D.N.Angel and Detective Conan much more interesting and tried to save up as much money as possible to buy these and with time other Asian comics. I was introduced to PGSM when I was 13, so it’s been over 10 years now.

5. My mum didn’t like games, so she never bought us any video games or consoles, except for a certain about of PC games. I could only play games at my (only) friend’s house and we lived pretty far apart, so it was only when I was at my dad’s and her family was at the summer-house. I got a total of two PC games growing up from my parents. My brother got more of them. Eventually my mum grew to like The Sims, The Sims 2 and World of Warcraft, but by then I bought my own games. After paying for the bus to school and medication, I could only afford the monthly fee for Final Fantasy XI, but I didn’t mind as my mum couldn’t tell me not to do that as long as I did my homework.

6. I wanted to be an illustrator long before I discovered comics. I started drawing portraits of the people around with charcoal when I was 8. I also wanted to be an author and a musician. Later on I wanted to be a composer too. All of these are artistic, yes, but the reason I wanted to be these things was to move people.

7. My family is very complicated. Depending on how you see it, I could either be the oldest, the middle child or the second youngest of 6, 10 or 13. I usually only count the children of my mother as my siblings, but sometimes it’s easier to explain things by saying “one of my siblings” instead of saying “one of my half-sister’s half-siblings”. My dad isn’t actually even my dad, he’s my sister’s dad, but I grew up calling him dad because he was basically that.

8. I like a variety of music – anything from classical to dark wave to some certain subgenres of metal – and some of my most listened musicians and bands have female singers, but nothing beats instrumental soundtrack for me. Game soundtrack, film soundtrack, anime soundtrack – doesn’t matter. If the composer’s good, I’m good.

9. I’m transgender. I’ve since long accepted a female body, but my mind isn’t. I’m not a guy either, but something in between. I do like wearing the frilly lolita fashion, but that’s because I like it and think I look good in it. I could honestly not care less if it was for males or females. That’s also why I never really bothered to are whether something is targeted to men or women – as I don’t fit in either category.

10. I’ve never really been interested in adult content. Therefore there’s not much of that surrounding me. I have some Drama CDs that are a very much bothering towards it and some smut comics at home, but I can count those on one hand. If something has a mature rating or is for adults, it’s usually because it’s too gory for kids. I like gore and psychological shit. (And get really sad when I watch censored gore anime. (lol))

If you have any questions – ask away!

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