Zone of the Enders 2167: IDOLO

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26370lThe Deimos Incident. Radium Lavans (CV: Takehito Koyasu) and Viola Guines (CV: Chiharu Tezuka) have been chosen to test pilot a new kind of weapon, which is Mars hope to end the tyranny of the United Nations Space Force. Radium is the first to pilot IDOLO, and they sync together in a way that makes it impossible for anyone else to pilot the robot. During the public reveal, a demonstration of IDOLO’s powers, Radium catches a UNSF spy and soon after, a group infiltrates to steal IDOLO and kidnap Dr. Rachel Stewart Links (CV: Yoshiko Sakakibara). They also kidnap Dolores Hayes (CV: Houko Kuwashima), Radium’s fiancé, and Radium goes to her rescue.

I haven’t played the Zone of the Enders. So I can’t say much about the relationship between this OVA and the games, however I do know that this is a prequel to the games and not actually based on the games. Although, I didn’t watch this because I plan on playing the games, so don’t expect me to.

I’m not fan of mecha. I think I’ve stated that much repeatedly before. But I guess it’s worth mentioning again. I’m no fan of mecha. The ones I watch tend to have something else that draws me in, usually human psychology. As this is a 55 minute OVA, I could without problem watch through it. Even though it’s not a full film, it’s well made in the sense that the characters have development (thank goodness!) and the music is great (Masumi Itou only makes great soundtrack). I would had wanted it to be a little longer to learn just a little more about Radium, as it does skip a little and it’s hard to grasp the time span of the events. It’s from 2001 and it shows, but it’s not badly animated nor is the art bad. I find the art fitting the story.

All in all, it’s good for being mecha, but I didn’t expect anything from it to begin with so it neither was worse than expect it, nor better than expected. So it was just good for being a mecha show, not good. Something like that.

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