Batch #5

Batch posts are posts where I write early impressions on shows I end up dropping or about OVAs, which I can’t write a lot about.

54783lNatsume Yuujinchou: Itsuka Yuki no Hi ni

Takashi Natsume (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya) is able to see demons. One snowy day he sees a demon who is searching for something, but doesn’t know what it’s searching for. Takashi tries to help it, but it’s hard when all he knows it’s something nostalgic, new, sparkling and warm. When the demon finds it, it became a flower and disappeared.

It’s typical to Natsume Yuujinchou and filled me with emotions – as the show always done. I loved this little OVA and when I watched it earlier this spring, it was really fitting. All in all, it’s a lovely OVA which captures the essence of the entire show, music, pacing, story and feelings included. I should write about NatsuYuu in the future.

60757lKenzen Robo Daimidaler

Kouichi Madanbashi (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki) is a perverted high school student who has some strange power and I totally stopped watching half way into the first episode so that’s about all I know. There’s something about saving the earth and it’s supposed to be funny but I just don’t find the idea of someone getting powered up by fondling boobs amusing. It’s rather appalling, prolly because I have a pair myself. I’d choose this over ImoCho which was airing last season, but no. I ain’t watching this mecha comedy with a perverted high school as a main fondling a random woman he just met. I mean, I didn’t even get through the first episode, how am I s’posed to watch the rest? That’s a mystery I don’t want to solve.

60553lAbarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou

Matsutarou Sakaguchi is a carefree and rough person. He really does whatever he wants and because he’s strong no one can really say anything against him. And if you get him mad…

I found the first episode extremely boring and just bad. I guess it just wasn’t my thing, you know? I mean, I felt bad for like everyone in the entire episode, except for the main character, whom I disliked a lot. I don’t even want to see where the show would go, although I know Matsutarou’ll become a sumo wrestler, and I’m not really interested in that either.

60027lBlack Bullet

I have one word: SPIDERS.

Although the show is promising, I have a terrible arachnophobia and I just can’t watch it. So if you’re arachnophobic, you should prolly stay away.

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