20483lOne day when Kagome Higurashi (CV: Satsuki Yukino) is going to get what she thinks is the at out of the well in a shrine at her house, she is moved through time to feudal Japan. There she meet a half-demon called Inuyasha (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi) who awakens from being sealed to a tree by a priestess named Kikyou (CV: Noriko Hidaka). Kagome is told she’s the reincarnation of this priestess and she has to protect Shikon no Tama – The Jewel of Four Souls – from the demons in Japan. However, in order to save a child from a demon crow, she accidentally breaks it and together with Inuyasha they now travel Japan in search for the shards, while learning the truth of what really happened 50 years before Kagome appeared…

This is one known show. Based on a known comic with the same name by Rumiko Takahashi. I don’t know how many languages it got translated to, but at least it’s been translated to English and Swedish. No doubt more.

But even so, I couldn’t finish it. I’ve tried twice, I failed both times, After about 100 episodes, the entires series just slows down. First time i got to episode 117. Second time I gave up on 111. It’s not bad, it’s just so slow I want to just skip in the episodes until something fun happens. Some might say it’s because it’s already getting dragged out by 100, but the original series itself wasn’t finished at the time, and maybe the show caught up to the comic. I don’t know, I didn’t watch it back in the early 00’s. But it does seem like it did, just based on how it started becoming so painstakingly slow I almost cried whenever I tried to watch it the second time.

Others might just tell me I can’t keep up with watching a really long show. I admit I rarely can get through a show over 100 episodes, but if you want story a 100 episode action anime is usually just 100 episodes of fighting and it’s usually not what I’d want to watch. (But on the other hand, if I really like something, I will watch it regardless of length. Just look at Detective Conan – I’ve watched almost 700 episodes out of the 730 that has so far come out so far, and the ridiculous films, the OVAs and specials as well as Magic Kaito. That’s dedication.)

So, it got slow and I dropped it at 111/117 episodes. But until episode 102, I actually like it a lot. A LOT. I mean, otherwise I wouldn’t watch it twice and plan on watching the sequel aired 5 years after the original anime aired. One of these days i might read the entire series too. We’ll see, won’t we?

So the verdict: Really good, until it gets way too dragged out. After a while even my patience gives up.

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