Little Girl Lost

91xOLfbXFkL._SL1500_Tavera is an orphaned part-elf who’s sold to a sausage-making woman. The girl quickly learns how to work around the shop to not get a beating and doesn’t find the life too bad. When her employer is out, Tavera takes the opportunity to play with some interesting items she found in a hidden storage. But one day the store is robbed and in her despair, Tavera forgets to remove some ribbons she put in her hair and the woman founds her wearing them with the sausage machine missing part. In fury she cuts Tavera’s ear as Tavera runs for all she’s worth.

This is a prequel to Thieves at Heart, the first book in a series called The Valley of Ten Crescents by Tristan J. Tarwater. Short stories can be tricky – especially prequels – in my opinion. Sometimes you give away too much, sometimes you build up some mystery. Tarwater did well in this regard. However there were some spelling mistakes. I can forgive that though, as the story was well done and I really wanted to read Thieves at Heart right away afterwards to see what happened to Tavera, also hoping to learn more about Tavera’s past.

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Little Girl Lost (The Valley of Ten Crescents #0) (Kindle Edition)

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