Log Horizon

54267lElder Tale is a game with a lot of players around the world. There is a new expansion for it, and a lot of people are happy to play it. But when they start playing the new version, something is completely wrong. They are not just playing the game, approximately 30 000 Japanese players are stuck in the game. One of these players is Shiroe (CV: Takuma Terashima), a well-known player who is known for once being the strategist of a party called Debauchery Tea Party. He teams up with his friend Naotsugu (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) and an assassin called Akatsuki (CV: Emiri Katou) to deal with the new challenges they have in this new life they now live.

Has the get-stuck-in-game theme just gotten bigger or something? Recently Sword Art Online was airing (which, just like Log Horizon is based on a light novel series) and prior to that we have the entire .hack franchise which in some extent deals with that (especially in .hack//SIGN out of what I’ve explored in the .hack world – I still have much to read, play and watch)

Well, regardless, this deals with being stuck in a game like it’s simple a new environment, I guess. Shiroe co saves people, sets up a round table of guilds in their “home town” and makes a guild of their own. He even saved an NPC from dying by making him an Adventurer – a player character. It’s pretty messed up, that last thing.

The anime had potential to be good, but wasn’t as good as i hoped. The second season has however been announced for the autumn season and I really hopes it’ll become better. I’ll be pretty sad otherwise, because I like the premises, and as I said, it had potential of being good.

The animation was good, what you expect from anime today. The intro was awesome and the soundtrack by Yasuharu Takanashi was as well-done as it’s always is. You can rally hear his distinctive style – I’ve mentioned that before.

A decent anime overall.

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