53407lKenji Kazama (CV: Katsuyuki Mazama) is a delinquent and he’s trying to become the strongest at his school together with his friends Hiroshi “Long Mountain” Nagayama (CV: Kenichirou Matsuda) and “Little Foot Yokoshima” Yokoshima (CV: Hiroki Gotou), a trio called “Kazama Party”. One day, however, the Kazama Party finds their way to the girls at the Game Creation Club (Temporary) and Kenji is made to join the club. Now his life i changed to be filled with weird games and he soon learns that the club president, Roka Shibasaki (CV: Kana Hanazawa), is the strongest and is the one he’d need to defeat to become the strongest himself. But things doesn’t go exactly as he’d like it…

Story: 3
Characters: 5
Animation: 5
Music: –
Total: 13/20
Average: 4.33/5

This is a very funny show, with Kenji being the straight man of the show. (In one episode, it’s his sister though.) There’s not much overall story going on (Kenji tried to be the strongest is pretty much all there is to it) so each episode is more or less a stand-alone, but it still works because of the strong, eccentric characters as they drive each of the episodes forward, and with the great animation my only complaint is that I hated the intro, I remember never really caring about the outro and have no memory of the soundtrack otherwise. Not taking into account that Happiness Charge Precure started airing the same season, this might have been the best show during the winter season 2013/14.

Although the average is 4.33, overall I’d give this show a 4, simply because the soundtrack wasn’t memorable and they just had to have IOSYS (which I love to some extent, mind you) and their denpa song as the intro.

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D-frag Vol.1
D-frag Vol.1
Suteirumeito (D-frag Intro Theme)Suteirumeito (D-frag Intro Theme) (Iosys Jk Girls)
Minna No Namae Wo Iretekudasai (D-frag Outro Theme)Minna No Namae Wo Iretekudasai (D-frag Outro Theme) (Kana Hanazawa, Shizuka Ito, Aki Toyosaki)

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