Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

main_logoNagisa Misumi (CV: Youko Honna) and Honoka Yukishiro (CV: Yukana) have defeated the darkness and saved the Garden of Light. But when the Dark King was defeated, the Queen of Light also had to die to keep the balance of the world. The Queen’s life, heart and 12 wills was spread in the Garden of Rainbow (ie, Earth) and collecting them together will resurrect the Queen of Light. Mipple (CV: Akiko Yajima) and Mepple (CV: Tomokazu Seki) as well as Porun (CV: Haruna Ikezawa) return to Nagisa and Honoka to collect the pieces save their respective worlds, and soon find the first piece – the life of the queen – in the form of the girl Hikari Kujou (CV: Rie Tanaka) who remembers nothing of her previous life as the Queen of Light.

Story: 4
Characters: 4
Animation: 3
Music: 4
Total: 15/20
Average: 3.75

7536lThis is the second season Pretty Cure and a direct sequel of Futari wa Pretty Cure, but can be watched as a stand-alone show. They have some amount of flashbacks to the previous seasons, but it’s not really anything that has with the story itself and it does explain itself in the beginning. It’s pretty straight-forward though; Which will be resurrected first – The Queen of Light or the Dark King? Of course Cure Black and Cure White saves the day together with the Queen of Light. On a more in-depth way to see it, it’s about the balance between good and evil, dark and light. If there’s one, there’s also the other, and they are always equally strong. It’s all about your attitude about it. The Queen even says she wishes to keep the balance between light and dark, not win against it.

The characters grow during this time. It’s a 47 episodes show where the characters often deal with their own early-teen troubles (you know, love, being the captain of the science club/lacrosse team, friends, moving out of the country, etc) when evil comes to disturb their otherwise already troublesome life, so the growth is small, but overall they grow at least a little. Nagisa and Honoka are opposites, so I s’pose you can (when in that age or a little younger) relate to at least one of them as they try to save what it’s important. the character with the biggest growth was probably Porun who went from a spoiled brat to a pretty reliable big brother (although still pretty spoiled).

The animation is lousy by today’s standards, but as the show is almost 10 years old (Pretty Cure is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with Happiness Charge PreCure which started in February!) it’s well done. There are some funky-looking animation frames, but if I compare to the newest show, it kept the animation quality better than the new show which has some really crappy animation here and there, and then really good animation in scenes to be reused (like transformation sequence). Being a 10-years-old show also means a lot of reused animation, but it’s not bad.

I like the soundtrack and it as well as the intro and two outros (all sung by Mayumi Gojou) fits the show very well. The intro is a remake of the first season intro ( and is called Max Heart version).

All in all, I enjoyed it. Not as much as the first season, but it was a good ride. I cried at the end as Nagisa and Honoka struggled to keep their fighting spirit and Hikari tried to figure out how to become the Queen. There’s not much to say except for that. Well… Lulun (CV: Asuka Tanii) just kind of pissed me off though. I have yet to see the point of even adding her. Porun was “the one who leads the future” (I remember that being mentioned in the first season too) or something and can predict the future. (Not really in Max Heart though? Did he, like lose his ability?) Then Lulun was “the one that weaves the future”. Like, does she create it or something? I don’t get it. So why was she needed? They just added a random sibling to Porun because they didn’t know how to make Shiny Luminous grow stronger or something? Or was it to have the spooky story in there and then they went “Hey, let’s use her for something else too!”.

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