Kobayashi ga Kawaisugite Tsurai!! (>_<)

illu05Megumu and Mitsuru Kobayashi (CV: Ayumi Fujimura) switched places because the upperclassman Megumu is in love with, Aoi Sanada (CV: Daisuke Ono) never touches girls because he’s bad at dealing with them. They end up kissing while Aoi believes it’s Mitsuru, which is really confusing for him. Due circumstances they end up at Aoi’s house where he finds out that it wasn’t Mitsuru he kissed, but Megumu, as he ends up seeing her naked in the bath.

Story: 2
Characters: 2
Animation: 2
Music: 3
Total: 9/20
Average: 2.25/5

This OVA, which can be translated as Kobayashi is so cute it’s painful!! (>_<), was bundled together with the comic and is just really weird if you haven’t read the comic it’s based on. The first OVA is basically the prologue, the second one is about a date going wrong and a character introduced in the first, isn’t even there in the second. You basically have no clue what happened in between or why Megumu dresses like a guy in the second. The story is in other words hard to follow if you haven’t read the comic.

The characters don’t have much to them. No surprise as it’s two 17-minute episodes. But rather than making two random episodes, they could have made two that actually could be put together or something the like, so you could at least get a little more from the characters. I’m left more confused about the characters after the second episode than the first.

Although the animation was okay, it really irked me when the style kept changing and some high lights looked really iffy. Yes, I NOTICE HIGHLIGHTS, ‘kay? It’s one of those details I want the anime to get right, even if it’s iffy in the comic too, you know what I mean?

The music was okay. Nothing spectacular, but suiting the lousy anime I watched. Thankfully it was short.

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