Diablo III

I dropped the rating system. It was a fun trial, but it’s just a little to hard for me to do. (Lol.) By the way, it was my birthday yesterday. I’m 24 now! *gasp!*

Diablo_III_coverFive out of seven evils have been trapped in soulstones and now a Nephalem is on a quest to seal the other two. Together with Leah, the fallen angel Tyrael and a selection of strangers they meet on the way, the Nephalem fights their way to truth and a world of hope and peace.

I played the PS3 version on the PS3 I just had gotten, so I’ll base my experience completely on that. I also only played the wizard, mind you, but you get the point, I assume.

The story was alright to begin with. A falling star hit the cathedral in New Tristram and it woke up the dead. The falling star wasn’t a star, but Tyrael, the Angel of Justice! After the first act (out of four in the original game – there’s apparently more with the expansion) the story just spirals down into terribleness and I was really disappointed that it flushed the potential it had in its story down the toilet.

Back when I played Diablo II, I mostly played with Sorceress. Due to that, my obvious choice of character to play was a Wizard. It was a lot easier (I struggled a lot back in the day) and although I started off at easy difficulty on Normal mode – because I thought it would be harder – I changed the difficulty just to actually not feel like I was yawning through the entire game. I’d compare it to Final Fantasy for Playstation Portable, but I can’t because I like FF, while D3… was bad.

Except for the Wizard, there’s Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter and in each mode you have 5 difficulties – Easy, Medium, Hard, Master I and Master II. The game play is although still different from D2, similar to it in many ways (I can’t compare with the original game though – I haven’t played that one).

Over all, I didn’t particularly like the game. It could have been better. I’ll see what I think about it when the expansion comes out to PS3. If I even play that one. (But I do admit, the film sequences were great. CGI have come a long way.)

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