28371lAsuma (CV: Kana Hanazawa) thought life was just school and studies until she found The World where she make the character Sakuya. In The World she meets Tobias (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro) and manages to get her friend Iori (CV: Ayumi Fujimura) to join and make the character Mary. One day the go to the dungeon with The One Sin and tries to sneak around to avoid the boss while still getting the treasure. Unluckily a guild is trying to kill the boss while they are there and while Sakuya is running around she accidentally sets off an instant kill trap, killing most of the guild. She ends up being wanted and it sets off something to change her entire life.

This 3 episode OVA reminded me a lot of what Liminality is, but unlike Liminality it’s both set in The World and the real world. There’s a decent amount of story to tell, so the characters aren’t getting much development, and if you don’t use your head it might seem like it’s very fast, especially if you watch the episodes back to back. After all, there is time going between the episodes as well as within, and being an OVA with three separate releases it would probably make more sense watching the episodes separately. However, that’s just Quantum being true to it franchise though, so no real harm done.

Much like the rest of the franchise, there is someone going comatose during the game – this time it’s Asuma’s friend Iori who gets PK’d at the end of episode one. Asuma herself was knocked out as she tried to save Iori’s, but woke up again, much like Mai Minase from Liminality.

Overall, as a .hack fan, I really liked it. I liked the twist that Hermit (CV: Yui Ogura) was searching for a donor for himself, but was supposedly also dead since seven years. Gives the OVA that spooky feeling while you go “poor thing”. I just wish Tobias had gotten a bigger role.

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