Sakura Trick

56189lHaruka Takayama (CV: Haruka Tomatsu) and Yuu Sonoda (CV: Yuka Iguchi) were impossible tu separate in middle school and luckily they got into the same class in high school too. However, Yuu ended up in the back and Haruka in front, to Haruka’s despair. The girls to share something special that friends normally don’t do and therefore they kiss one. Then twice. And their relationship continues from there.

Cute girls kissing in secret, what could go wrong? Nothing. What could have been done better? Everything. To me this was just another slice of life show with only lesbian couples to separate it from the rest. I’m aware others did like it, but to me it really was nothing better than average. Not bad, not good. Just average + girls kissing. Basically, there are two obvious couples (well, except Haruka and Yuu don’t realize they are a couple, but think themselves as “special friends”), implied feelings between two characters and then we have some that supportive cast being in love with some girl or the other.

Honestly all I could give it credit for is the fact the homosexual relationships between female characters were more than just implied.

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