Isshuukan Friends

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61891lKaori Fujimiya (CV: Sora Amamiya) doesn’t have any friends and she doesn’t try to get any, but even so Yuuki Hase (CV: Yoshitaka Yamaya) wants be befriend her. So one day he takes the opportunity to ask her.
“Please, be friends with me!”
From there his struggles to be friend with someone who has forgotten all about him every Monday starts, and is rewarded by Kaori’s smiles and real self at the roof every lunch. But it’s not all that easy, because there’s always something that can go wrong and when it does it’s up to Yuuki to keep the friendship alive.

This is a slice-of-life show with an amnesia twist and although the original work was published in Gangan Joker and hence targeted to a male audience, it would definitely work for a female audience. I don’t usually find any slice-of-life anime with a story, but this has one… -ish.

Kaori really grows through the story. At first she’s scared of being friends, because she’ll forget Yuuki, but she learns to accept it. And over time she starts remembering the things she did over the week with Yuuki and the friends she gets over time, but doesn’t remember him per se. Thankfully she has a diary to read every Monday. When she loses it, it really broke my heart, because she has the feeling she lost something really important and she can’t remember Yuuki at all, and he does all he can to find it for her and she really have no idea why he’s searching for something she can’t even remember.

I thought Hajime Kujo (CV: Shintarou Asanuma) was a little… stupid. The same with the classmates she had earlier. He thought she either pretended or that he was so unimportant she forgot (he didn’t know about the accident though) and the other former classmates were like “she pretended to have forgotten us” even years after and she had been in the car accident. It never occurred to either of them she might have lost her memory.

The show is very realistic though and it has a hinted romance between the two mains which is not only brought up by Yuuki’s friend Shougo Kiryuu (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya) and Kaori’s friend Saki Yamagishi (CV: Rumi Ookubo), but also Kaori’s mother, Shiho (CV: Mai Nakahara). It’s comedic, but not to the point were you think “This would never happen”. Or it might just me, because I didn’t get the hint before I got together with my boyfriend.

Good music, good story, nice pace… The voice acting too, which I didn’t expect when I didn’t recognize the names of the voice actors of the two leads. My only complaint really is the Hajime-incident when she passes out and how Kaori didn’t say something like “Sorry, I’ve been in an accident, so I don’t remember.” or something like that. And the stupid former classmates. I found this show very moving and recommend it to anyone who’d to watch it.

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2 thoughts on “Isshuukan Friends

  1. I love this show. I wish it as darker though but that’s just me hoping their relationship reaches an irreparable state. Thankfully, the show is a spoonful of honey with sugar though. Just pure and sweet. 🙂


    1. I think it ended up taking a middle route between a cheesy love conquers all story and where their relationship was impossible. I myself would have liked it being a bit darker and maybe taken use of the psychologic aspects of the scenario. But it’s a well-done and sweet slice-of-life and not a psychological drama, which did result in a wonderful show.


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