Mana Getting Married?! The Dress of Hopes Connected to the Future

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60079lMana’s mother, Ayumi Aida (CV: Harumi Ueda), finds her wedding dress, a dress Mana’s grandmother, Isuzu Bandou (CV: Kazuko Sugiyama), also used, and Mana (CV: Hitomi Nabatame) asks for it. After talking with her friends about it, a strange force is collecting “junk” – things that people have forgotten about. The wedding dress also almost leaves, but Mana manages to save it. The force that collects the things is Marsh (CV: Shousuke Tanihara) who somehow knows Mana. When Mana doesn’t remember him, he seals everyone in their memories, including the Precure. Now the girls need to find a way out even though they are separated and forced to forget things while they live in their memories.

A children’s film made for the cinema, it’s a little odd to watch the DokiDoki Precure! film. This film really has nothing to do with marriages or the wedding dress despite the title. In fact it has more to do with Mana’s dog Marshmallow (CV: Shousuke Tanihara) which died 4 years before the film takes place than anything else.

In the DDP timeline I think it’s set soon after they learnt Cure Ace’s real identity/around the time it was airing on the cinema in Japan in comparison to the TV series, but even so it could be seen as something happening after the entire show because the Precure in DDP continues protecting the people’s smiles even after the defeat King Selfishness.

The film wasn’t very good. It felt as randomly put together as the original series, but since it was just a film it wasn’t as much of a torture.

Not the best magical girl film out there, but better than the series it’s based on.

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