Hoozuki no Reitetsu

55913lWe all know that if we sin we go to Hell. But did you know there are several Hells? As in, they are divided by region? Hoozuki (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto) is a demon and the right hand man of the King of Hell, Enma (CV: Takeshi Nagasako). He enjoys growing goldfish plants and is a super sadist. He’s also the go-to person if you have any trouble in your job as a minion. Follow Hoozuki, Enma and the minions of (Japanese) Hell in their daily life in this dark comedy.

Story: 3
Characters: 5
Animation: 4
Music: 3
Total: 11/20
Average: 2.75/5

This show is just made to be funny and has some awesome characters, but no story whatsoever. The Japanese Hell works just like a Japanese company and I’m fairly certain it’s a parody of exactly that, but as I’m far from being a Japanese salaryman – or even Japanese – I can’t say.

The animation is well done and although I give the music a 3, I just loved the intro to bits. The outro was not in my taste and I remember liking whatever soundtrack I heard, but as of writing this, it’s already been several weeks since I finished the show and it’s hard to remember.

This was really funny. I have a thing for dark humour though. My sense of humour is also really low, so maybe I was the only one finding it funny, although that’s not true as I’ve seen other people finding it hilarious too. But even so, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly good. Just funny.

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