Angelic Layer

111953lMisaki Suzuhara ha just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. As she’s lost, she sees a commercial on a screen. It’s a match between two angels in the game Angelic Layer. Drawn to the game, Misaki meets a weird man calling himself Icchan who helps her get her own angel, Hikaru, and make her clothes. After a couple of hours of practise with the angel, Misaki then is asked to join the national competition. Following the suggestion, Misaki joins the competition showing off great potential.

This is an attempt of a battle comic, and in my opinion it did not quite work out for CLAMP. Although the cast is interesting – at least the scientist who created Angelic Layer, Ichirou “Icchan” Mihara, is – Misaki herself have little to give the series. She’s a very typical heroine you’d see in Japanese comics (usually with a romance theme) targeted toward girls, in a comic targeted to boys. This means all she gives the comic is a shy girl who believes in her angel and is awesome in a game she didn’t even know existed before she came to Tokyo.

This comic is in the same universe as CLAMP’s work Chobits, and Ichirou Mihara is the creator of the Chobits, although this series is after his death. This means the way Angelic Layer is drawn is very similar to Chobits which got serialized at the end of Angelic Layer’s serialization.

As you can understand, I’m not impressed. I really like most of the works by CLAMP, but this wasn’t the best by any means. They’ve done a lot better.

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