Child of Light

Over the past two weeks I’ve been doing all these tiny changes to my blog here and there, like adding publisher (of the original language), magazines and year when first published in the tags of comics.

childoflightAurora is a princess in Austria and in 1895 she falls asleep only to wake up in a magical country called Lemuria. There she meets Igniculus and together they have to recover the sun, the moon and the stars which were stolen by the Dark Queen, Umbra. During their journey they get more allies, who all trust the princess, but in reality Aurora just wants to reunite with her ill father in Austria.

First off: SPIDER WARNING ON THIS GAME. They should really put a label for that on everything. Alright, let’s hear my thoughts about this game now!

I bought the Deluxe edition of this game for the PS3/PS4 just because I wanted to Yoshitaka Amano poster. The game just happened to be good too. It’s a short game and not particularly hard, although all the startdusts and chests can be hard to locate.

The music, by Béatrice Martin (aka Cœur de pirate) in general is the main theme with variations, but there are a few different tracks outside the main theme. The art and graphics of the game were different from what you generally see today. I liked the art, although I did not like how the human characters (older-Aurora, Nox, Queen Umbra, etc) could have some 3D animations, while the most of the game were 2D. What I liked the most was that the entire game was a story on rhyme, although it at times was grasping at straws in some of the rhymes.

It was a good game, even with any of its flaws. It was cute and I really enjoyed the battle system used in the game. Totally worth my time.

That was not the case with the Deluxe Edition extras. The “art book” was more of an art pamphlet and I felt like what I mainly paid for, not counting the game and the two add-ons that came with the edition, was a key-chain of Igniculus which lit up. Sure, the key chain was cute and I use it now, but the batteries died after a few hours, because there’s no off button on the key chain. FAIL.

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