Love Stage!!

64763lIzumi Sena (CV: Tsubasa Yonaga) has a family consisting of celebrities. His mother is the actress Nagisa Sena (CV: Sayaka Oohara), his father is the singer Seiya Sena (CV: Ryoutarou Okiayuu) and his brother is SHOGO (CV: DAIGO) from the rock band Crusherz and so he’s expected to go into the showbiz world too. But that’s not Izumi wants! He was traumatized when he suddenly had to be in a commercial when he was 8, and blossomed into a nerd who wants to become a mangaka. One day, however, the sponsors of the commercial Izumi was in 10 years ago wants to make another commercial. Izumi’s co-star from the commercial, Ryouma Ichijou (CV: Takuya Eguchi) only accepts if the actors are the same as when he was a child, and so Izumi has to do one other commercial. Who would had thought it would turn his entire life around from that one commercial?

I’m a closet fujoshi. I love boy’s love anime and manga, but have trouble being honest about it and usually keep it to myself. And because I haven’t wanted to explode in someone’s face, I’ve troubled myself by avoiding the male side of comics and anime with homosexual relationships. I just recently decided to once again embrace my inner fujoshi, and due to my love for Mikiyo Tsuda, I ended up watching Love Stage!!, even though I initially thought it looked too gay. At first glance it looks like a gay idol group on the image above and I have honestly had enough of that thanks to Uta no Prince Maji Love Gay.

And I loved it. The original is a collaboration between Mikiyo Tsuda (under her other pen name Taishi Zaou) and Eiki Eiki and this adaptation is well-made and funny. Best part is that even though they have sex, THERE IS NO RAPE in this anime! I’m really happy about that, because usually there is some amount of that in what I’ve seen and read in the past. Best anime I picked up during the summer season, most definitely. Actually, best BL anime I ever picked up. It’s hilarious, cute and – as mentioned – surprise buttsex-free.

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