Space Dandy

64451lSpace Dandy is a Dandy in Space.

Dandy (CV: Junichi Suwabe) is an alien hunter who maybe isn’t that good at his job in finding rare aliens and taking them to the alien registration bureau. Together with the robot QT (Uki Satake) and the Betelgeusian “——” (also known as Meow) (CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino), who joined the crew because Dandy thought he might be of some use, the three of them hangs out at the restaurant Boobies where Honey (CV: Yurin) works or fly through space hunting rare aliens and sometimes saves the day, sometimes ruins it and sometimes ends up where they started.

This anime is entirely random. I feel like the original creators must have been high while making it, if the anime is an accurate adaptation. However, although it’s more or less completely random in the first season, it has a bit of story in the second season, but only a little. I could probably sum it up very easily in a short paragraph:

Dandy dies in a parallel universe, but a consciousness of a planet send him to another one to save him. There he continues living as he originally did in his universe, even though things aren’t exactly the same and some things he recognizes QT and Meow has no idea what he’s talking about. Then the show completely goes “Or maybe not trollololololol” and explains Dandy is pretty much a God who can travel between parallel universes while still staying the same person.

Yeah, someone was high when they came up with this.

It was funny, but too random and I wished they had more story and deepened it instead of throwing the God stuff on you and maybe they could have worked more on the relationship between Dandy and Scarlet (CV: Houko Kuwashima) or between Dandy and Honey. I also feel like the entire thing in fact wasn’t in a chronological order, but that’s just me assuming things. Maybe I’m even looking way too deeply into it.

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