Android series: 10 Days with my Devil

This is the first entry in my Crappy Android Otome Games series, or for short just “Android series”. These games don’t necessarily have to be bad and I might play something else than otome games if I’m out of ideas what to play or I just can’t afford buying a story/chapter/whatever.

This series will be posted monthly and how many stories/routes/chapters I play is entirely about how much money I’m forced to spend. I started out with 10 Days with My Devil by Voltage and it’s also available on iOS, much like Voltage’s other romance games.Screenshot_2015-03-01-15-01-09

The heroine has the luckiest day in her life: She wins a lottery she didn’t join, she is given brand shoes on random, a hot guy asks her out to dinner the same evening and the day seems like it would be absolutely perfect. But when she’s almost home, there’s a deadly explosion and her apartment catches on fire. She was supposed to die in that fire. But she manages to convince the devils who are in charge of taking her soul to give her 10 more days since she’s alive anyway. They agree to let her live just 10 days as long as she chooses one of them to look after her. She now has 10 days to confess to the guy she likes.

Like, one of the funniest things I’ve read for a while.

shikiShiki Kurobane
Shiki is a socially awkward geek who collect certain kind of prices. His favourite thing to do is sleeping. He has a mind controlling ability which means he can erase memories and the like. For some reason this doesn’t work on the heroine though. He’s originally from an aristocrat family, but his personality made life as an aristocrat hard as he couldn’t show a smile that wasn’t true. Despite his trust issues he starts trusting the heroine and falls in love with her while she’s trying to confess to the loser Susumu which is the man she likes. She is told she has met Shiki before but she can’t remember it because of his abilities.

Shiki tampered with the data so that the heroine wouldn’t die, which is punishable with termination, which means Shiki will be erased. The heroine doesn’t want this to happen and tries to go to the Demon Realm to save Shiki, but Shiki stops her and is taken to be terminated. As the guys and the heroine tries to deal with his death, he appears when the heroine is in trouble.

i_e10405Super Happy Ending
Apparently the Demon King heard of Kakeru’s try to save Shiki and by selling his ability to change and lock data he survived. After all that is explained Haruhito notes that Shiki and the heroine has been holding hands the entire time. Shiki squeezes the heroine’s hand really hard as he doesn’t want to let go, but is forced to go to change clothes before the celebrate his return. Kakeru can’t accept their relationship though and gets Shiki upset by looking angry and Shiki finally leaves the celebration to go to bed because he can’t stand it. Turns out Kakeru and everyone else really are okay with their relationship when the heroine tries to explain to Kakeru she really loves Shiki.

When she goes to bed she finds… Shiki! He has crawled into her bed as his bedding has been removed and Shiki pulls her into her bed and asks if she loves him. She answer she does (because if she didn’t she’d try to kick his face LMAO). They wrap their arms around each other and the heroine starts laughing because his nose and lips tickle her neck and then he tries to kiss her and she keeps laughing. They finally kiss and the next morning she tells Meguru Shiki had gone to her room to sleep. Meguru says he’s going to do that but Shiki wants to sleep in her bed. He tells her to quit her job when she says she can’t because she has to get up in the morning. She refuses and then Shiki falls asleep and she goes to work (probably) and they live happily ever after (or something).

Happy Ending
Shiki’s back and the demons and heroine are going to celebrate so the heroine and Shiki are going to the store. There he gets one of his beloved prices and an alpaca for the heroine. When they get home she says she’s taking care of the alpaca he got her on their date and he tells her it’s still his. They start fighting over it and end up falling and kissing by accident. Then they have a make out party which ends up with Shiki falling asleep in her lap. In the morning while they’re eating breakfast he promises to try hard not to. He then goes to sleep in Haruhito’s room and the heroine goes to work.

In the epilogue it’s been a week and all Shiki does is sleep in the heroine’s bed, so she’s worried. (For no reason, really. And isn’t their relationship going a bit quick anyway?) So when he’s going on a 3-day mission during her 3-day holiday she’s happy about getting the bed for herself. But of course she can’t sleep. And neither can Shiki, so the heroine goes to him and they end up having to check into a love hotel for the night because the inns are all full. When they come home making love ends up being the topic, as Satoru says he’ll take the heroine if Shiki quits his job, and Shiki says you only have sex if you’re married or playing. They then go to the heroine’s room to make love after Shiki says:

“I want to do what couples do.”

“Even though we’re not married…”

“…I’m not playing.”

The morning after he kisses her in front of everyone, which makes it hard for them to tease her about their relationship and they live happily ever after and get married in the sequel, or something. I don’t know, but based on the names of the parts I guess they get married?

And so…
I didn’t buy any other extras than the epilogue. I can waste some money (and I liked Shiki’s route), but buying it all felt like 99% money being wasted.

This game’s kind of expensive to me. According to the page on Google Play the main story is 3.99 USD for 15 chapters. It’s a nice deal, right? No. The chapters are short and there are 7 guys. Together that is close to 30 USD together and then they have the epilogue and a three-part sequel which you’d also have to buy if you want all of it. This is just an estimate based on the bundle price, which is 75 SEK (about 10 USD), the entire game will be 70 USD. You could get pretty much anything of much better value in any regular game store.

On the other hand, I really liked Shiki. I was scared out of my mind when I read the description of each guy because it sounded like everyone could be yandere-ish or do-S or something. I was like “Why did I choose this game? ಥ_ಥ” until I just went with Shiki because his description was “gloomy” or something and he has glasses and is just in general in my opinion the hottest of the guys. I would had liked to try out one of the angels’ routes just to see how they dodge the “In fact I should have been toast already”, BUT NOT WORTH IT. I loved Shiki’s story though and felt that my money wasn’t all wasted on him. The story was funny and I had a lot of good laughs.

He’s good-looking and wears glasses. What other reasons do you need, heroine?

Let’s break it up into good and bad things:
– too expensive even if you just buy the main story
– extras are too expensive too
– too short considering the money you pay for it
– you can only play if you have an internet connection
– eyeless heroine (kind of… they covered it up with hair and angles that are awkward)
+ Shiki’s story was nice
+ 2 ends (that’s more than one, after all)
+ translation from Japanese isn’t bad
+ good-looking guys and 7 of them
+ multiple CGs during the story

I want to add that the translation was iffy at times, but so much it bothered me at all. I’ve seen worse. Barkuoki comes to mind.

There’s also a function which let’s you register your email to get mail from the guy you’re on. You receive them after you’ve done certain episodes (I think?) and it’s related to the things you read. In Shiki’s case it was for instance

Thanks for bringing me food. you’re still not allowed to come in my room, though.


Over all, Shiki’s route was cute. But the game’s not worth all that money.

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