Thieves at Heart

12810758Tavera, an orphaned half-elf, has been taken in by Derk, a thief that is teaching her the art to steal without getting caught, both by working alone and working together with others. Her goal is to be let into the Cup, a secret society for thieves that has a pride in what they do, but also are “better” than the scum who steal or hurt others for fun. Follow Tavera growing from a young girl to a woman and her struggles in the Valley.

This story is a continuation of Little Girl Lost, and is about Tavera’s life after she fled from the sausage-maker. It’s not as much as thievery, as you’d think, but more about the struggles of growing up. Although rather well-written it left me wondering what really happened to the girl before Little Girl Lost. Where did she come from? What happened to her parents? The book also ended rather abruptly and I expected to read more about the girl in the next book, Self-made Scoundrel. I wanted more adventure and sometimes it felt like the books skipped in time just as it seemed to become really interesting. But though my expectations were high and the book completely different from what I thought it would be, I enjoyed reading about Tavera’s growth and struggles. I also learnt more about the Valley of Ten Crescents, which is where they live.

In short, I’m disappointed but the book was still good and I liked it.

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