Narcissu Side 2nd

Narcissu_-Side_2nd-_LogoSetsumi Sakura (CV: Rino Ayakawa) is ill and has been going in and out of the hospital for a while and has since long stopped going to school. One day she meets a friendly woman who offers her ice cream. It’s Setsumi’s first friend in a long time and she starts visiting the woman at the hospice. Setsumi is taken on adventures with the woman, sometimes as simple to plant flowers, and sometimes they go further away, by car.

This is a prequel to Narcissu and is about how the girl, that the protagonist met in first game, became the person she is. It’s also in the category of utsuge – depressing game – and I find this more depressing than the first one, because this time you see how the people left behind feel about a terminally ill leaving the world of the living, so to say. Just like the last game this, too, only has one ending and no choices. In other words, it’s a kinetic novel.

It’s well-written and both of the games are recommended to be played, in whichever order you prefer. But I’d suggest playing the first one first and then this one.

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