Kaitou Joker

64975lJack Jones (CV: Ayumu Murase) is a phantom thief called Joker and with inventions and magic tricks he manages to steal the treasures he wants. One day the clumsy ninja Hachi (CV: Yumiko Kobayashi) stumbles into Joker’s path when the both of them has the same target. Hachi is impressed by Joker’s skill and joins the phantom thief in his adventures. But Joker’s life isn’t just sending announcements and stealing treasures while fighting with the phantom thief called Spade (CV: Hiro Shimono), and has other dangers than getting caught by the police.

Kaitou Joker is a mystery comedy show, which takes very lightly on the act of stealing. After it’s run from October 2014 to January 2015, it immediately got a re-runand its second season starts on April 6th.

I picked it up simply because I like Magic Kaito. A pretty bad reason, but the result was good! The show started out like something that would just be a light-hearted “steal something with tricks, don’t get caught, go home, repeat next week” kind of show. But the first appearance was wrong and a story started by telling the audience about how Jack became Joker. By the end of the season, the show had more mysteries than when it started, and at the time of writing, it’s still 3 months left to the second season and I’m excited to see what happens next!

A very good show, mostly for the younger audience, but with death and murder in it, it’s a lot darker than I expected. The main-story episodes were the best, while the “steal something with tricks, don’t get caught, go home, repeat next week” episodes where not so good in my opinion. But, as mentioned, it’s for a younger audience.

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