Ribbon no Kishi

130941lThere once was a king called Plastic
Whose smarts were less than fantastic
Dawn ’til dusk he was sleeping
Sucking candy and eating
When he wasn’t cranky or sarcastic

God gives children about to be born either a boy’s heart or a girl’s heart, but one of his cherubs messed around and the future ruler of Silverland got two hearts – both a girl and a boy. Because she’s a princess she has to pretend to be a prince and the cherub’s at the same time trying to get her boy’s heart out of her.

But the truth about prince Sapphire‘s sex comes out on her coronation and she and her mother are imprisoned and Plastic, who is next in line for the crown, takes over as king. The boy, however isn’t a good king and Sapphire needs to get her thrown back, all while the cherubs is still trying to receive the boy’s heart out of Sapphire, she herself has to flee from the people who want her gone, and she is in love with a prince of a foreign land who doesn’t know her real identity.

I promised more classics, and here we go. Ribbon no Kishi, known as Princess Knight in English, is a comic originally drawn in the 1950’s by the father of Japanese comics, Osamu Tezuka. He remade the series in the next decade and that’s the version I’ve read as it’s been translated into English.

It’s a very fast-paced, but  funny comic and I completely forgot it was made decades before I was born. It’s a rather timeless classic that needs to be read by more people. The official English translation was well-made which also makes this series a good way into the world of comics, and if you’re a Disney-fan you might enjoy the influences from Disney.

However, this comic isn’t for everyone. The turns can be extremely quick and you get lost in it if you’re not careful.

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