Untitled-1Nana is in an accident and her 24-year-old self is moved to her 14-year-old self. While in the past she tries to change herself and the same time she is discovering things she had completely forgotten, both about herself and about the people around her.

This is a story about self-discovery. When Nana “travels” to the past she remembers the love she lost and the emotions and memories she shut off to protect her young self. At the end when all her memories are back, she can go on and it changes her apathetic personality to a brighter, more forward-looking characters, It’s a great development of character made in just a single volume.

There was some pacing issue in the story, if you ask me, but both the story and art by Chiaki Hijiri are good, so if you like a deeper, more grown up romance and self-discovery story, this is definitely for you.

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