Android series: Pirates in Love

unnamedThe heroine works in a bar when one day a band of pirates comes and makes a ruckus. That’s when the heroine meets the Sirius pirates, who saves her by letting her escape. The girl hides in a barrel to her escape, but by the time she thinks she’s safe, she can’t get out. The barrel she entered was the pirate ship Sirius’ cargo. As they are at sea, she’s allowed to stay and is given the option to join if she wants. Eventually they decided she actually did join, and this is when things start going less smoothly…

This is a bit late partly because of my health getting worse and partly because I didn’t take time to play them game because I was unmotivated, due to not feeling okay and still have so many things to do that were of higher priority.

I played the Leonardo route, which is an enemy route (the pirates vs the navy). I know, another glasses guy. It was a really weird ride and I keep wondering how it had been if I didn’t go for the enemy guy. Other than that, this is a very funny and ridiculous game.Sadly it’s a short game, much like 10 Days with My Devil, which is also by Voltage. The loading times for this game was ridiculous though and paying approximately 3 dollars wasn’t worth the really short and few chapters you got, but at least the translation wasn’t bad.

What was somewhat annoying was that I had to be connected to the internet or the game crashed. Of course, the long loading times weren’t a hit for me. And then I got the Super Happy Ending (that wasn’t very hard) but when I wanted to read the Happy Ending for this post, I realized I’d have to play the entire thing again, so I skipped out on that and hence did just write a short summary of what happens in the beginning at the start.

Leonardo was really cute though, so a total plus. I kind of started to fancy Eduardo for some reason half through the game too. I’d love to play his route, but I don’t want to pay for it. A maiden’s dilemma.

Once again, this was not worth my money. I didn’t even get to see the CGs through the game afterwards. What a rip-off!. Although, I have to say I’m relieved the CGs didn’t slide like they did in 10 Days with My Devil, but it also sucks that they are made to be seen in a different format than the game is in when playing on Android. *shakes head*

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