Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars


If hurting someone is the pride of a soldier, I don’t want it. Fighting is not the way, it won’t give you anything.

Earth is again in danger, but this time the enemy is Sailor Soldiers and three Sailor Soldiers, the Starlights, fighting the enemies appear from outside our solar system. Usagi Tsukino (CV: Kotono Mitsuishi) is unsure how to deal with this, and neither are her friends, while the outer soldiers tell them to stay away from the three foreign soldiers.

Meanwhile, Usagi’s life is a mess. Her beloved Mamoru Chiba (CV: Tooru Furuya) has gone to America to study, a new little girl, Chibi Chibi (CV: Kotono Mitsuishi), has appeared at her house as Usagi’s little sister (is it her child from the future?!) and one of the three idol transfer students, Kou Seiya (CV: Shiho Niiyama), is hitting on her.

996This final season starts with a filler, where they completely defeat the “boss”, Queen Nehellenia (CV: Yoshiko Sakakibara), from the previous season before it goes on to the season’s actual story. And gets confusing beyond reason. Especially Usagi’s love life. Mamoru leaves for America, and each episode more or less starts with a letter to him. But he NEVER replies. HE NEVER REPLIES. Of course, she worries about Mamoru, but she doesn’t talk about it with her friends, because she’s trying so hard. Then there’s Seiya that basically is “We’re dating”, while Usagi over and over says they’re not and she already has Mamoru. Someone really doesn’t understand Japanese. And everyone is talking Japanese!

The season is better than the previous two, but still could improve a lot. Maybe it’s because there are too many characters, but the entire shows more or less focuses on Seiya and Usagi, like they were in a Romeo and Juliet love story, as both the Outer Soldiers and Star Healer and Star Maker are against Seiya and Usagi even associating. Only Romeo transforms into a girl and it’s a one-sided love, because Juliet is in love with a man from her past life and who is currently away. But her love for Mamoru also makes the most touching episodes at times, such as when she tries to fight her loneliness by fighting by herself in episode 28 of the season (194 of the entire show).

When I think about it, I’m not good at doing my best. Like, when I think “I’ll do my homework today!”, before I know it I will have eaten snacks until I feel tired… Actually, I fall asleep. But even so, I thought I could do my best by myself. But when I saw the rose… I remembered him. I thought it was okay even if I didn’t get any calls or letters, that I would get through it by myself. But… but, I can’t stand being alone! I want to see him! I want to see you, Mamo-chan!

The quote above is a monologue by Usagi in that very episode and is what makes Seiya understand she won’t love him/her back, because to Usagi, Mamoru is the only one.

In the original comic, Chibi Chibi had a different role. It’s been years since I read the comic, so I don’t remember the details, but in the comic Chibi Chibi is a child version of Sailor Cosmos, while in the anime she is the one summoning the Princess Kakyuu (CV: Sakiko Tamagawa) whom the Starlights were searching for. Maybe, if I hadn’t read the comic I might have enjoyed the show more, but it ended up disappointing me. The story isn’t complicated, but does get confusing, because I have more questions than answers and I’m questioning Mamoru’s existence from season 3. At least give him some time to shine before he disappears! He’s equally important as Usagi. I always come back to Mamoru, don’t I? He’s my favourite characters from the comic though. My love for comic-Mamoru is eternal! 

The show, naturally, ends up with everyone dying before Sailor Moon saves the day, but – hey! – it’s been proven that if Sailor Moon defeats the evil, everyone is revived! Complete with cheesy lines.

Despite all the rant it’s a nice show about fighting for what you believe in, your friends and yourself, and it’s a great end of the original Sailor Moon anime. As critical as I am against it because of my love for the series, it’s still very well done and worth watching, but the beginning might be a bit slow and if you aren’t interested in the one-sided love of Seiya, it might get a bit annoying. The new trio does grow over the course of the show, however, they can get a bit whiny about their princess.

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