Ouji to Hero

66057Hana Katsuhira has to move from the countryside to Tokyo because of her father’s work and she end up going to a really fancy school where the students even have their own chauffeurs. She sees Yuuki Ouji, whom she falls in love at first sight. At first she’s treated like air by everyone but one day Yuuki and his friend Hiro Takara, are nice to her and she gets bullied. Despite that she stays strong and an indecisive love blooms within her, leading her right into a love drama involving a sickly fiancée.

This was kind of bittersweet to read which ended up being sour at the end. As it’s a short comic, it doesn’t take long to read, however it went from cute love story to drama to everyone lived happily ever after. The turn from drama to happily ever after ending really was sudden, from a chapter to another, really.

Not a suggested read. In fact, keep away from it, unless you want to read shoujo in a really cute style but with badly planned plot.

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