Happiness Charge Precure

69309lPrincess Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky (CV: Megumi Han), or Hime for short, has left the Blue Sky Kingdom to find Cures to save her world from evil. As she’s shy and scared of talking to anyone, she throws her love crystal and it hits Megumi Aino (CV: Megumi Nakajima), who loves helping people. She manages to open up the princess and together with the god Blue (CV: Shouma Yamamoto) and the fairy Ribbon (CV: Naoko Matsui) they start their quest to save earth and the Blue Sky Kingdom from the Terribads.

This season of Pretty Cure has a higher amount of action, but has a good story. The entire show gave me more of a shounen feel though, even with the fashion, dance and idol-y elements. It feels like while trying to compete with the idol shows for the audience in the same age group, the show is following the “neo-shounen” trend, where titles are more as like the titles previously targeted to males.

I usually don’t like whiny characters, but Hime was my favourite character. She grew over the show and at the end she was willing to make friends with anyone that was hit by her Love Crystal, just like what happened with Megumi. She also stopped running away from fights, but would fight for what she believed in and the people she cared about.

What surprised me in this title is that they have taken in account the rest of the world. There are cures all over it, not just in one small town. They all have a Love Crystal which at the end transfer to Megumi to save the world.

Over all, I think it was a nice show and it made me happy, however, I wasn’t really fond of the end. The show is a very good recovery from the failure called Dokidoki Precure.

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