Smile Precure!

36565lMiyuki Hoshizora (CV: Misato Fukuen) is transferring to Nanairogaoka Public Middle School and as she is heading to her school, she jokingly says there’ll be a fateful meeting at a corner she sees. Indeed it was and she meets the fairy Candy (CV: Ikue Ootani) who has come from Märchenland because she need to collect the scattered power in forms of Cure Decor. Miyuki becomes Cure Happy and together with Candy, her brother Pop (CV: Daisuke Sakaguchi) and the other Cures, they trying to save the world from Pierrot who wants to give the world a Bad End.

The story started good and it seemed to have a goal, but eventually it was lost after at an end-of-arc fight with the bad guys and the show was just a new fight after fight after that until the beginning of the end. During 10 of the 12-15 last episodes they are focusing on character development. How much did the characters change and what are they actually fighting for? It got a bit painful to watch it and when one cycle was over I actually cheered out loud, only to facepalm right away because another cycle started. But there were some cute episodes, such when they all turned to children in one of the episodes with focus on Nao Midorikawa (CV: Marina Inoue)

Child version of the Cures.

The entire show is about overcoming despair. Each of the Cures stands for reasons to fight and overcome sadness and depression as well; For friends, for family, for oneself, for one’s dream and to find the happiness. At the same time it’s also about not giving in to your hate. The bad guys Wolfrun, Majorina and Akaoni all actually were fairies representing the Big Bad Wolf, Red Ogre and Evil Witch, and because people hate them, they resorted to violence to get a Bad End so that they would win for once. But Miyuki loves all fairy tale characters because they make the good ends possible and learning that Wolfrun CV: Tomoyuki Shimura), Majorina (CV: Miina Tominaga) and Akaoni (CV: Hiroshi Iwasaki), regret the hate and despair and turn back into fairies.

Miyuki also tells us that she wasn’t always the energetic girl she was, but she had been shy and had a hard time making friends. One day she had been given a mirror by her grandmother and after that she met a girl in the forest. Miyuki learned to open up thanks to that girl. The girl disappeared, but Miyuki decided to find the ultimate happiness. That’s also what she realizes she already has, thanks to friends and family, at the end of the show.

In my opinion, the best episode was 17, as the comedy duo FUJIWARA guest starred in it. I probably haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. However, from episode 23 on, the show went Sailor Moon on me with the Pegasus and Princess Forms. As much as I love Sailor Moon, I love Precure as Precure, yo. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (Still, the princess forms were pretty.)

This screenshot with Sunny (CV: Asami Tano) is a good representation of what happened to the show.

Overall it was good and I like the message it tries to give. It’s just sad it fell flat after the first arc. It would had been awesome if it hadn’t.

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