Smile Precure! Movie: Everyone is Mismatched in the Picture Book!

42291lWhen Miyuki Hoshizora (CV: Misato Fukuen) was a child she found a picture book with ripped pages. She promises the main character to make an end for her. Years later Miyuki and her friends are at a picture book fair and they find an interesting tent which should be showing a film. During the film a girl, Niko (CV: Megumi Hayashibara), jumps out of the screen while chased by two bad characters. The cures fight the bad guys and Niko takes them to a world of picture books, one different from Märchenland.

This side story, I believe, should be seen as a story with an alternative past as to how Miyuki got out of her shyness, but the past could also be seen as something that happens after Miyuki started being able to talk with others. I personally felt it didn’t go well together though. In this alternate universe Niko comes to have Miyuki fulfill the promise she made many years ago, as Niko is the main character of the story Miyuki found.

I can’t really say much about the film. It was good, but it doesn’t really match with the original story. Miyuki also got a different looking ultra form than from the show, which just felt weird. Maybe it’s because an alternate universe? *gasp* Yeah, I’m totally pushing that onto you. I mean, the form looks similar to the later forms in the show, but it’s not the same, so yeah. It’s confusing.

But maybe the children it’s made for don’t question it, and it was showing at the cinema before the Cures got their ultra forms in the show. I just think it’s weird. That’s all.

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