Uni in the autumn

Congratulations to me! I got into university. I’m taking a literary science class that is full-time studies for the entire term.

What? In spring? Well, I plan on taking the next class building up on this one, of course.

This announcements mean a few things:
1. I am now much more available for contact. Since it’ll be a major change from my NEET lifestyle, I’m not playing Final Fantasy XIV 10 hours/day anymore. Kill my newly found time by chatting with me on Twitter.
2. I will focus on content for the blog for the next month and a half. Better be prepared in case my literary studies take all my time and energy. I don’t want the blog to die because my life changes.
3. Posts will be monthly from September and they will be posted on the last Sunday of the month. If I can handle the studies and I get content up often enough, I might changed it to a post every 3 weeks. Eventually.
4. I seriously doubt the mahou shoujo guide will be up this year, but I’ll try to get at least another part of it up on the blog before the end of the year.

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