The Cockpit

Untitled-1This is a collection of historical works set in World War II. These three episodes are based on Leiji Matsumoto’s Senjou Manga Series, which translated into English is Battlefield Comic Series, and follows two pilots and two soldiers.

Erhardt von Rheindars (CV: Kenyuu Horiuchi) is a Luftwaffe pilot during World War II. After being unable to shake off pursuers and leaving the plane to stay alive he’s labeled as a coward. But he receives a new chance – he will escort a cargo plane where his beloved Melhenna (CV: Emi Shinohara) and her father are together with something classified. But knowing what it is makes this mission harder to go through with for Erhardt.

Sonic Boom Squadron
Nogami (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa) is a pilot of the attack plane Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka – a specially built so-called kamikaze plane where the pilots committed suicide to take down ships during World War II – and during the raid on August 5th, 1945, he is launched into the air as the plane carrying the Ohka, is shot down. The next day Nogami is ready to once again give up his life for his country.

The Knight of the Iron Dragon
Utsunomiya (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi) came to request assistance from the headquarters, however, by the time he reaches it, it’s been shot to pieces with only two soldiers left. Out of the two, Kodai (CV: Ichirou Nagai) joins him to return to the air base. But They are attacked on the way by one of their own planes.

I’m not personally into war themed historical shows, so I found it decent, but during the second episode I reacted to the fact I knew the planes because (at the time of watching and writing this post) I pretty recently watched Studio Ghibli’s Kaze Tachinu. Somehow it became two sides of a story, although this and Kaze Tachinu are unrelated in many ways. Not my cup of tea though, so I didn’t like it, but it seemed pretty well done. I guess?

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