Kimi no Kachi

17725lKimi no Kachi is a collection of romance short stories with a school theme.

You Win (Kimi no Kachi)
Ayu doesn’t like Kataoka. Early in the school year she accidentally got coffee from the vending machine and tried to give it to him. He didn’t want it and then he got another coffee for himself. That left Ayu with the impression that he’s mean. But when the seats change in class, she starts changing her mind.

His Back, His Heart
Nariko has a crush on Yoshikawa, a boy from a different class. She however, keeps her distance and just keep a record of how many times she sees him during a day. One day she has the opportunity to look up his adress, and realizes it’s close to her aunt’s. One her way to deliver apples to the aunt of hers, she remembers the adress and then leaves the apples at the gate of his house, before quickly leaving. Even if she didn’t talk to him she feels that maybe she’s coming closer to him.

Spring Fever
Marina is interested in a boy who rides the same bus as her, but gets on at a different stop. They start giving each other hints to overheard conversations. One day Marina’s friend gives the boy a love letter and the girls get off. Marina both wants to support her friend and have her own love come true, and how it’ll go is decided depending on whether Motonaga gets off on a certain bus stop or not.

Constellation in July
Chise and Nori have grown up together. One day Chise is asked about a rumour that Nori’s transferring and she asked him about it. He says no, but she does ask again later. Once again he says no and she then sees a pamphlet about a moving company and realizes he’s not going to be her neighbour anymore.

My Beautiful Boy
Madoka Teshima fell in love with a boy at the entrance exam to the school she now goes to. When she saw him again when the people who passed were posted, she took the opportunity to ask him to be her boyfriend. However, it’s not Kai Nagasawa – who she saw at the entrance exams – but Akira that she asked. She thought it was still fine and Akira and Madoka starts dating. But she doesn’t seem to be able to come to feel about Akira the way she felt about Kai during the exams.

Five well done, standalone short stories by Yuuki Obata, the creator of Bokura ga Ita. The stories are cute, but rather predictable and average.

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