“Think of the food,” Iko said. “And the dresses. And the music!”
Cinder ignored her and picked out some tool to put on Iko’s magnetic body.”By the stars! Think of prince Kai! Maybe you get to dance with prince Kai!”
That made Cinder stop and look toward Iko’s blinding light. “Why would the prince want to dance with me?
Iko’s fans hummed while she was thinking.
“Because you won’t have oil in your face this time.”

11235712Linh Cinder is a well-known mechanic and can be found at the markets of New Beijing. And that’s exactly where prince Kaito finds her when he wants to get his android repaired. Shocked and while missing one of her feet, Cinder promises to try fixing the android before the yearly ball that commemorates the end of the fourth world war. But when her stepsister Peony has signs of letumosis, Cinder’s life makes a turn, and it would appear it’s not for the better.

This is a story based on Cinderella, complete with a lost shoe and evil stepmother. However it’s placed in a future where people have moved to the moon and most see cyborgs like Cinder more as androids than human. Earth is on top of that facing was as queen Levana of Luna (ie, the moon) wants to marry prince Kaito, but the emperor and prince won’t accept the terms.

It’s a science-fiction novel, and Marissa Meyer did a great job in writing it despite the fact I could guess a lot of the things in advance. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi so I don’t know if this would count, but I loved this first book in the Lunar Chronicles and I think it’s well-suited for those who like fantasy. There’s a bit of romance, a bit of evil and most important of all for a fantasy fan, there’s a bit of “magic”.

A well-written novel, with just the right amount of humour which is well-balanced by young love, war, plague and just pure evil. I’m looking forward to reading the next book.

*I read this book in Swedish, so the quote is translated to English from Swedish, hence it might have different wording that in the original English. I don’t have an English edition to look it up in, so please do understand.

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