Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia0228Orion (CV: Hiromi Igarashi) is a spirit that, while on his way to the human world for some business, accidentally crashed into the Heroine and in the place of her memories, he got stuck inside her consciousness. He says he will help her to get her memories back, but as he is a spirit on she can see him and he’s not able to touch and affect the human world. But first the need to go her world to start gathering information. She shuts her eyes and chooses what feels right…

Amnesia0017The Heroine wakes up at a hospital and Orion is freaking out because they weren’t supposed to go to any hospitals! He soon notices she has bandages all over her body and guesses she was in an accident. And that’s about when a strange man comes in. As the Heroine seems spaced out, Shin comes up to her and kisses her.

It turns out he’s her boyfriend since three months ago and his name is Shin (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara). He’s a childhood friend, so he figure out about the Heroine’s amnesia quickly. He helps her with whatever she might need, like getting her a new cellphone and tells her that she can trust Toma, who is another childhood friend as well as a co-worker at her job at a café.

Shin blames himself for the accident during a trip they did together with some friends, because although none of them knew they were at a cliff, his actions were the ones that made her fall. The Heroine remembers it as Shin finding her, but she was found unconscious at the foot of the cliff by Ikki and Kent and Shin himself was waiting for the ambulance and the police at the lodging.

One day Shin is suddenly taken in for questioning and after he’s released he’s under surveillance. He sends a mail to the Heroine about it and that’s the last she hears from him. So she and Orion decide to investigate the accident, because of her memory of Shin finding her. But she’s not the only one investigating. Shin investigated the accident himself and found out there might be a different culprit…

Normal End
Amnesia0054Shin confronts Toma about the accident and Toma admits he hurt the Heroine, but he says it’s all by accident. As the Heroine can’t remember anything, there is no proof Toma hurt her on purpose.

Three weeks later Shin breaks up with her, because her memories isn’t entirely back and although she chose Shin over Toma, who has feelings for her, Shin wants to win her over again. She tells him to do that.

Bad End 1
Ukyo stabs the heroine with a knife and she asks if he was the one who tried to kill her before, but Ukyo says it someone else and then she’s stabbed to death.

Bad End 2
Shin and Toma make plans on meeting after work, together with the Heroine. Before going Toma gives her a drink and they then leave. But they don’t go to the meeting place. Instead Toma takes her to a place, talks about how he doesn’t want her to know the truth. She starts feeling dizzy and realizes he poisoned her and she dies.

Good End
Amnesia0058Shin confronts Toma, just like in the normal end, but here the Heroine remembers that she mistook Toma for Shin and that he pushed her in anger. Toma admits he pushed her and eventually that he loves her as well and finally he decides to turn himself in. After all, what he wanted was for Shin and the Heroine not to know what he did, he never tried to hide the crime itself. It hurts Shin that Toma would do something like that to the Heroine but that Shin confronted Toma was for Toma’s sake. He didn’t want Toma to suffer such a heavy burden and he blames himself for what Toma did, because he took the Heroine from Toma. But now Toma can feel better because he was able to apologize.

A few days later they learn that Toma might not get prosecuted for what he did and both of them are happy about that.

Amnesia0063The Heroine wakes up in what would seem to be her room. After searching around she finds her ID and a cellphone. Before she has time to check what’s in it, she receives a call from someone called “Ikkyu” (CV: Kishou Taniyama), who is asking her out on a date. Not entirely sure, she agrees to it, so she can gather information about herself. She waits and waits and waits for “Ikkyu”, but he never comes, so she goes downstairs just in case that was their usual meeting spot. There she finds a crowd around a guy called Ikki and he appears to be a playboy. Turns out this Ikki is the Heroine’s boyfriend and he takes her out for a film because he has a condition where girls adore him when they see his eyes so he needs to be in a dark place.

With time the Heroine learn Ikki has a fan club and they gather around him every day after work, but she doesn’t understand why she’s together with him and she and Orion try to find out if Ikki’s worth trusting with the knowledge that the Heroine has lost her memories.

Normal End
Amnesia0096The Heroine’s father comes to the café to ask if she has made a decision. She can’t live in her current apartment because she can’t afford it now that her father won’t keep paying for it. She should come live with him and his wife. Ikki interferes and tells him that she still has other options, like sharing apartment with him.

Her father calls a few days later and apologizes for being so forceful, but they can’t afford the Heroine to live alone and he can’t allow her to live with Ikki yet, because she’s still young. She decides to move back to her parents, since she does realize her father might have changed. Ikki tells her that she can call him anytime she feels like it, but he won’t because it’s natural to drift apart. A month later the Heroine texts him asking him to come, he replies he’d like to.

Bad End 1
Because the Heroine is acting suspiciously, Ikki figures out she has amnesia and drags her to his home. He’s being extremely cruel to her, but when she has left he feel like her amnesia and distrust must be divine punishment, while the Heroine is sitting outside crying. Orion can only apologize for being unable to help.

Bad End 2
During a trip with the billiard association with the Heroine’s and Ikki’s schools, they have a test of courage. During it the Heroine gets lost and loses her partner. Suddenly Rika appears and chases the Heroine to kill her. The Heroine’s pushed off a cliff and wakes up at the hospital, unable to see and hear again. Ikki’s devastated and blames himself, so he goes to break those who broke his beloved.

Bad End 3
The Heroine’s father comes to the café and reminds her about the time limit. So she has to decide whether she wants to live with Ikki or not, but she doesn’t really feel any love towards Ikki.

Ikki’s heart-broken and wants to quit his job, but decide not to. Kent suggests going to the beach and shout, and after some battering they go.

Good End
Amnesia0093Heroine’s father comes to the café just like in the normal end. But her father doesn’t call her up later, and instead she and Ikki have a serious talk about things and the Heroine remembers why she joined the fan club and tells Ikki about how it’s not actually his fault that the girls only are with him for three months.

Ikki tells the fan club member of his off, because the one he wants to be with is the Heroine and the Heroine end up moving in together with Ikki.

Amnesia0112The Heroine wakes up in a room and looks around for information about herself. In her cellphone she notices she has… 1250 CONTACTS?! But it seems she only has a few text messages from someone names Kent (CV: Akira Ishida) and she very soon figures out he’s her boyfriend. Kent is very rational and methodical and the Heroine and Kent seemed to argue a lot before her loss of memories because of clashing personalities. But the Heroine seems to notice that Kent sincerely cares for the Heroine despite their differences.

Not everything is going smoothly though. It turns out Kent is leaving for London at the end of the month to study abroad as he’s thesis has been accepted. So he’s really busy preparing for a conference that’s at the end of the month. And Kent is certain the Heroine hates him. But she doesn’t know why.

Normal End
Amnesia0127On the way to get some notes Kent forgot at his apartment, the Heroine is in an accident. Kent and Ikki manages to change the order of the presentations and Kent rushes to the hospital to see if she’s alright after his presentation. He did well enough that it’s decided he’ll study abroad for a year and asks the Heroine to wait for him, which she will.

Bad End 1
Kent figures out that the Heroine lost her memories and decides to take her to the hospital. Because of the lack of stimulation, the Heroine starts forget even more and Kent promises he’ll come and won’t forget her, even if she forgets him.

Bad End 2
The Heroine is in a car accident, just like in the Normal End, but Kent decide not to go see her, because he believes the Heroine wouldn’t be happy about it. While at the hospital Ukyo comes to her room. He carries her to the roof and drops her off for her to fly fall down and die.

Good End
Amnesia0136The Heroine decide to get Kent’s notes and is in a car accident like in the Normal and second Bad End. When Ikki tells Kent about the accident, Kent wonders what he’s supposed to do, and decides to abandon the conference, because the Heroine is more important. He understands he might not be able to go abroad, but he’s okay with that.

After the Heroine gets better he takes her around for walks and in a park they walked to a lot, he proposes. Later on, when he learns if he’ll study abroad or not, they go to her school, where he first goes to the classroom he taught her and the others math for her to remember, and she remembers he has always liked Kent. He then goes to get some documents, and asks if the Heroine will come with him next year. A year later, they are indeed abroad, together.

Amnesia0152Orion tries to get the Heroine safely to her room, but in the dimension jump something goes wrong. She wakes up on the side of the street with a random person coming to check on her while shouting. She receives a childhood memories and it turns out he’s Toma (CV: Satoshi Hino), a childhood friend of hers. He takes her to the hospital where she has to stays a few days.

Using her injury as excuse, Toma more or less locks the Heroine away from the rest of the world. The only person she meets for days after returning home is Shin, another childhood friend. And strange things begin to happen when she’s outside, making it even harder for her to go outside and then only when Toma’s around.

Normal End
Amnesia0182Toma notices the Heroine’s shoes are placed differently and scraped after she’s been outside and he snaps. The Heroine manages to run away and is found by Shin, who saves her. Toma moves away and the Heroine never sees him again. The bullying at her house was apparently by Ikki’s fangirls according to Shin and it had stopped by the time she finally could go back home and once again be safe and continue with her life.

Bad End 1
The Heroine runs away and bumps into Ukyo. She follows him to flee from Toma and he pushes her down a well at a shrine.

Bad End 2
The Heroine runs away and bumps into Ukyo, but she and Orion decides to run away. While running away from Ukyo, she gets hurt as she tries to dodge a motorcyclist. As she tries to get away Toma finds her and snaps. He decides to take her home.

Months passes and stuck in a cage, the Heroine starts losing all her memories, including who Toma is and he promises they will always be together.

Good End
Amnesia0183Toma finds out the Heroine has been out and snaps. He attacks here and in her fright she says “Toma, help me” (or something). It makes Toma snap out of it, the Heroine hits the bookcase and her bag falls. Toma tries to save her and her diary falls out of the bag. Toma finds out about how she has felt for him all this time and they do become a couple for real now that their hidden and held back feelings for each other are known.

Toma lays out the evidence of Ikki’s fan club harassing the Heroine and it stops and the fan club has to take responsibility for their actions as well as apologise to the Heroine in person. Ikki makes sure the girls will take responsibility, since he feels guilty about it as well.

JOKER WORLD (locked)
Amnesia0188The Heroine wakes up in a room she assumes is hers. She look around and find a cellphone with some contacts and text history. Because she doesn’t seem to have any plans she and Orion decides to visit her school. There she meets a man who tells her to not go in there because they are starting construction. A couple of days later he visits the café she works at and he learns he is a photographer named Ukyo (CV: Kouki Miyata).

He tells her that they met in Kobe when she had gotten lost and he rescued her by showing her the way back. Now that he has moved to her town, he keep saving her from and warn her of various deadly happenings. But he also tells her he’s dangerous and she should keep away from him.

Normal End
Amnesia0202The Heroine learns the truth about her death, her feelings for Ukyo and that she and Ukyo can’t exist at the same time. She searches for him, but gets locked in at a shrine which starts burning. Ukyo saves her and the two of them tries to escape death. They end up at the school, which starts burning and Ukyo snaps. In a battle between his two selves – the one who wants to survive and the one who wants the Heroine to survive – Orion and the Heroine finds out it’s Orion’s master Nhil that is making travel between worlds possible for Ukyo and that Orion’s there for this specific work. The Heroine manages to run from Ukyo, but he catches up with her and starts strangling her. Once again his two sides start fighting and the Heroine can run. Trying to flee from both the world and Ukyo himself, she end up returning to the place where she originally was supposed to be fatally injured. Ukyo is there and is ready to stab her, but the Heroine, who just wanted to say something to Ukyo, says what was on her mind as Ukyo starts crying. She’s ready to die, but instead, Ukyo stabs himself and dies.

Nhil thanks the Heroine. It turns out the wish, that Ukyo had, came true. Orion explains everything from the beginning and gives the Heroine a choice – forgive him, or not to. The Heroine can’t and she’s sent back her own world, where she wakes up at the hospital. She has no memories of why she was at the school. And she has forgotten Ukyo as well.

Bad End 1
The Heroine meets Ukyo outside her school and he warns her from going inside. She decides to do so anyway and ends up in an explosion and dies.

Bad End 2
Ukyo asks the Heroine if she can take the day off, but she declines. As the café is closed, she wanders around to try finding memories and gets crush when a road collapses.

Bad End 3
Ukyo sends a text to come to a specific location and right after he sends one that the Heroine shouldn’t come, but stay home instead. Disregarding the second text, she heads to the place and suddenly a steel frame falls over her.

Bad End 4
Some girls from the fan club throws a water balloon filled with ink on the Heroine and when Toma sees it, the Heroine tells him who did it. He gets really angry and locks the Heroine up after figuring out who did it to her. He might or might not have killed the culprit.

Bad End 5
Ukyo comes to the Heroine’s home after she asked him to. When he’s about to leave because she isn’t feeling well, she tells him not to. He snaps and kills her.

Bad End 6
Ukyo explains about how the world is trying to kill the Heroine, but that it’s not recognising her as herself, so the world isn’t doing as much and as bad as it’s supposed to. The Heroine tells Ukyo about Orion, Ukyo snaps and kills her.

Bad End 7
Same as the Normal End up till the second time he tries strangling her. But the Heroine doesn’t survive, as Ukyo ends up killing her to stay alive.

Good End
Amnesia0223Same as the Normal End, but the Heroine decides to forgive Ukyo for all he has done. Ukyo, however, wants to die, but the Heroine won’t let him. And with that Nhil changes Ukyo’s fate and sends the two of them back to their world, and Orion and Nhil need to go for their punishment.

Ukyo and the Heroine are happy together and one day two children approach them as she dropped her handkerchief. The Heroine wonders who they are, but Ukyo remembers them and contemplates on how Nhil’s wish came true while talking to himself, confusing the Heroine.

First off, I played the localization with English text, which I was given through Steam on the release day in Europe. I’m eternally thankful! Except for getting the localization of this otome game for Windows through Steam, it’s also available on PSN for Vita. The game itself is a localization of the Vita port called Amnesia V, so it has some extras that’s also in the port, but I can’t say exactly what because I don’t know what was in the original PSP game. I believe the Memories and the mini games are Vita additions though. Not entirely sure about the short story extras.

Also, at the time of writing this specific paragraph, I’m too tired after days of Amnesia and it’s late for me and I want the post up, so although there are extra stories, I haven’t played them. This paragraph is entirely just to tell you that. I might edit the post to add my thoughts on that later. Or maybe not. I’ll see. (LOL) I also don’t actually want Toma’s extra, so… Yeah… Okay, let’s move on.

I can’t compare the translation with the original, as I haven’t played it, however I did see comments on Twitter that it was well-made and better than Hakuoki. For someone who understands what is said in Japanese (ie, like the author of this blog, which is me) it was a bit “uuuuh?” a few times, but Ukyo’s route had more trouble than any other route. In fact, it was so bad at times it felt like it ruined the experience. Shin also suffered a bit, but in a different way than Ukyo. As for the translation issues I found in Ukyo’s route a few wasas follows: an awkwardly phrased choice (“I want to know him more”), a typo (“beter” instead of “better”) and an awkwardly phrased line by Orion. Most, however, was between the Japanese voicing and what was written. In other words, if you know none or little Japanese, it won’t bother you at all.

As for the content. I personally didn’t like Shin, but the route wasn’t bad. There was a really sweet scene when heading to the good end that even I liked, but in general he didn’t have any nice scenes in my personal opinion. Shin is supposed to be tsundere, as mentioned, but the translation just kills it and he becomes a jerk at times calling the Heroine stupid and/or idiot (sorry, forgot which because he says “baka” in Japanese). But I’m not a tsundere-fan to begin with, so maybe I just noticed think that. Still, I feel it’s sad if he comes off as a jerk. The Memory of Shin isn’t really worth mention, but here it’s mentioned. I honestly don’t even remember what it was, so it obviously wasn’t worthy much of my attention.

I disliked Ikki even more than Shin to begin with because it seemed like he was playing around with the Heroine, but he kind of grew on me over time and when I did get to ends that didn’t end up cutting it all short it really proved to me he is worth liking, because Ikki got sweeter later on as the story progresses. He’s a complicated character though, but I could say that for som of the other guys as well. The Memory of Ikki was really nice and I personally remember it, unlike Shin’s.

Kent ended up being my favourite. I could relate to him and thought he was really sweet in his own dorky way. Even if he could seem cold or distant at times, the CG scenes tend to be heart-warming where he really shows his awkward love. I also thought that I could understand why my real life partner loves some of my awkwardness. If Ikki is complicated, Kent is pretty simple. He’s intelligent, but too rational to understand love, so as a character he’s pretty simple. The Memory of Kent was really, really sweet. It almost made me embarrassed, actually.

TOMA THOUGH. I could write a whole post of how much that route is bad. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I used the hashtag #IAmScaredOfToma through my play with Toma and WROTE ALMOST EVERYTHING IN CAPS AND WITHOUT ANY OTHER SIGNS THAN ACTUAL LETTERS. I was upset. I was scared. I cried. From fear and discomfort. It was very obvious I wasn’t enjoying it. I think the followers enjoyed my tweets more than I enjoyed my time playing the route. Toma’s route was a horror game to me, nothing else. You unlock Ukyo with the Good End of the other 4, so if you don’t want to suffer too much, get a guide, force skip anything you’re finding uncomfortable and only pick choices for the Good End. If you like the overprotective yandere, make sure to save Toma for last before Ukyo. You’ll love it. I don’t, so I cried.

Ukyo had a lot of Bad Ends, lol. It’s hard work to go through all of them. Ukyo’s route is kind of an explanation route of why Orion appeared and who Ukyo is and why he’s so split, so unlocking it is important if you want to have some answers to things. You also learn things like Orion’s ability to merge with animals in general – not just humans – but that he merged with the Heroine easier than he should. I really like Ukyo and his route, although all the bad ends was a pain to get through. Reason why I love Ukyo is rather simple, actually. He’s been through a lot and what he’s been through is sad. Also, he’s actually really sweet. But one wrong decision from your part and you’re dead. Literally. Most of the time anyway.

So, in short. This is a good game and I recommend it, really. I am, as mentioned, not comfortable with Toma, but you can just skip through his route if it’s too much for you. I don’t regret having someone else buy it for me (I’d feel bad if it was awful!) and I wouldn’t feel bad for buying it myself. The translation is better than Barkuoki, although some more work had been needed on Ukyo’s route. There were some troubles such as typos and awkward lines, but it’s not going to bother you too much unless you hate stuff like that. I do, and I still think it’s worth the money! It’s also good that you have two choices, so pick up the Steam or the PS Vita version if you’re interested in this game. If you, however, have a good understanding of Japanese, I recommend getting the Japanese game, as there are some – for me – annoying differences in what is voiced (ie, what they’re saying) and what I read.

Finally, I don’t agree to any kind of abusive relationship, and in my opinion this game neither said it was good nor bad, but we all know that in the real good ending – that doesn’t exist – Toma should had been sent to prison. Keep that in mind. That means that if you end up in an abusive relationship – get out of it. If you’re not comfortable in it – get out of it. If you’re hurt in any way, call the authorities or other place which can help you. You won’t find love like with Toma in the Good End. It’s more likely it’ll be the Bad End where you’re not killed. Or you’ll be killed. This game is not to be used as an example of what is okay in a relationship.

And with that…


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