The Little Prince

‘The men were you live,’ said the little prince, ‘grow five thousand roses in the same garden … and do not find what they are looking for …’
‘They do not find it,’ I replied.
‘And yet, what they are looking for could be found in a single rose or a little water.’
‘Yes, indeed,’ I replied.
And the little prince added: ‘But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.’

LittleprinceA pilot is stranded in the African desert and while trying to fix his plane, he meets a little prince who has come to earth from a small asteroid. The pilot tells us the tale of how he met the little prince, what the little prince tells him and how the little prince left earth.

This is a very philosophical short story and what I noticed the most is how it remarks on how adults are strange, but it also critiques society. It was a very good read, however, it was a pretty slow read for me, despite being short. It took me a month and a half to get through it. But the story is food for thought and reading it slowly is good, so you can reflect upon what you read. It’s that kind of story.

I liked it and I think it’s worth a read, especially if you like to get some food for thought.

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