No Game No Life 2

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“So, I don’t believe in humans.”
-Just as he didn’t believe in himself.
“But I believe in their potential.”
-Just as he could believe in his sister.
“The potential of humans is infinite.It’s just that it’s infinite both in the positive and negative directions.”
Thus people could be infinitely wise, or infinitely foolish-and so.
“So it’s like, maybe, if I’m as foolish as possible, I’ll be able to catch up with my sister, who is as wise as possible.”

Yen Press haven't released the cover on their site, so the Japanese cover will have to do.
Yen Press hasn’t released the cover on their site at the time of writing, so the Japanese cover will have to do.

Sora and Shiro have been summoned from our world to Disboard, a world where violence and war don’t exist and everything is decided by games. The siblings have through a tournament of games taken the throne of the human race, Immanity’s, country Elkia, which is left with just the capital. Not only that, Sora and Shiro have declared war on the rest of the world.

A month passes and Sora learns that there is a race with girls who have animal ears and a tail and he decides that the Werebeasts are his next target. But for that he needs more information and the library of Elkia has been taken over by a Flügel…

First of all, this book has some serious flaws in sentence construction. Much like I mentioned flaws in the previous post and didn’t know who to blame, I’m not sure this time either. But I can only say that there is some serious flaws at least in English. [Later addition after posting: I read a review on the two first books elsewhere recently and came to the conclusion it is in fact the translation that sucks. And we all know how much I hate lousy translations.]

That being said, this book continues on from where the last one stops and they receive a new friend to their party – Jibril, the Flügel. And they play a game of shiritori which ended up pretty ridiculous in English because they have to use the Japanese words and then added a translation for them so that the shiritori would flow. That part, at least, was well translated. In other words, I’m glad they didn’t change any words.

The humour goes down the more erotic areas with nudity and it has a fair share of illustrations of that. At one point Jibril questions why it would be obscene or forbidden with nudity, which in fact is a very interesting point, but that’s about it.

Jibril does, however, add some perspective to things. She’s not human and doesn’t see things exactly like humans, but I just wish she would do more of that.

I liked the book, but the amount of nudity and perverseness in this book was unnecessary, especially as it’s very thin. If that was just kicked out, I believe this series would be a lot better, because the premise is interesting and worth to take note of. There are some deeper psychology and thoughts on humanity and war to be found IF you look past the erotic [and incestuous] parts.

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4 thoughts on “No Game No Life 2

  1. To be honest the beginning books had much more erotic humor than the later ones. Of course, the splashes are the same as always, but I’m on book 5 right now and it’s been a while since they’ve cracked a joke in that general region.


    1. That’s nice to know! I’m going to read volume 3 soon enough (and then switch over to Japanese because god the English trashlation….) so we’ll see how much it goes to that region. The story is really good after all, so getting rid of the erotic jokes is just a plus, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, book 3 will have a bit of a problem because of the region itself (kemonomimis ^^…), be prepared for some fan service in that area. I should check out the English trashlation just for giggles XD


        1. Yeah, I know it’ll sky dive into it. There’s the shooting game and I still remember how it went in the anime. Shiro’s underwear… orz

          It’s not worth checking out. It’s mostly just really weird. It’s more “wtf?” than funny.

          Liked by 1 person

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