Book Girl and the Undine who Bore a Moonflower

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A snake is in the swamp there.
Rich old spirit’s little girl
Get you up and set a trap
A bead of water ‘pon her neck.
Golden shoes upon her feet,
Call me this and call me that
To the mountain of the field, go, go, go…

14780627It’s summer vacation and Konoha Inoue is expecting a relaxing time without Tohko Amano, the president of the literature club and a book girl who lives off stories. Literally lives off of them, by eating them. But Konoha’s plans of doing nothing are changed when he gets a telegram and is taken to a mansion against his will. The place is said to be haunted by a ghoul – Shirayuki – and so when Maki Himekura starts trying get rid of the building, strange things start happening…

Chronologically this book is set after the second book, but it’s the 6th book in the series. I read it as the 5th by mistake, and it didn’t make any major change in the overall story for me. There was one thing I thought of though and it was that there was very little about Miu in it. Konoha didn’t think of Miu when this or that happened and as I remember he does that a lot through books 1 through 4. I’m guess this is because Miu’s story is in book 5. But I still feel it’s a character inconsistency.

The book is very good and is a bit different from the others and I love how Konoha starts falling in love with Tohko so obviously in this one. But although this book is important for Konoha’s and Tohko’s relationship, I would actually say this is Maki’s book. It’s about Maki, how cruel she can be, how angry she is for losing a friend, how much she hates to be the princess of a noble family without freedom, and how she wants to be free. Tohko and Konoha may be the main characters, but it’s all about Maki.

But so have the other books also been like. They are about someone else, but Konoha and Tohko (especially Tohko) puts light to a mystery. But this one was so much more about Maki and Maki’s family than I feel any of the other books in the series (that I’ve read at the moment of writing) had been, maybe that’s because Konoha has always connected something to Miu. Miu. Miu. Just thinking about it make me see Konoha turn pale and look like he can’t breath in my mind.

I’ve already said this was a good book and I really do recommend both this book in particular and the entire series. I cried after reading this book. Because I was happy and sad at the same time. And a little embarrassed about not making sure I read the fifth book after the fourth. This one will have a special place in my heart when it comes to this series, because of how important it is for Konoha’s and Tohko’s relationship.

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