Book Girl and the Wayfarer’s Lamentation

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You know, Hatori.
I want to be a tree.
You laughed when I told you that before, it’s still the truth.
I really do want to be a tree.
If I were, when you fly through the sky, I would be in the place that’s closest to you and be able to look up at you.
And when you looked down at the ground, you might catch sight of me.
That’s why I want to be a tree.
I want to be a huge tree with its green leaves brilliantly lush and its limbs spread wide so that you’ll find me.
And when you get tired, I hope you’ll stop and rest on my branches.

BOOKGIRL_5Konoha Inoue is a member of the book club at his school. He usually has to write snacks for the president of the book club, Tohko Amano, to eat, but she’s currently studying to take various tests for different universities. In the meantime Konoha’s past, Miu Asakura, has come back to haunt him and it’s hurting him and all of his friends.

This is Miu’s and Konoha’s story. It’s a rather slow book in the series, mostly because parts of how Konoha feel and felt about Miu can be found in books one through four. If you watch the film based on the series, this is the book it’s based on (most of it at least – I don’t remember if there was something not in this book in the film too).

Miu was Konoha’s love and he was traumatized by her jumping off the roof in front of him when they were in middle school. And that’s what haunts him leading up to this book. That ends in this novel, with a pretty slow pace. The characters from earlier novels have a huge part in this novel too, but I won’t say who from which book simply because even I don’t want to spoil too much.

The story is more complicated than it needs to be. This book didn’t need the mystery because there isn’t much mystery in it. That Miu hates Konoha is obvious and that Miu is trying her best to ruin his life in various ways is as obvious. The build-up to the turning point is slow. Yes, I keep pointing out it’s slow. I’ll stop. But to be fair, it’s pretty slow. The other books were more exciting.

If you like the series, you should read this book for Konoha’s sake, but it’s not really a book you should just pick up. A real downer in the Book Girl series, this book.

But it comes with a message, and a very important question. So I will ask you, who do you want to be?

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