Hana to Akuma

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32636lVivi is a demon duke and was bored with the Demon World and so he moved to Earth, taking his butler Toni and his holiday house with him. A year later he found a human girl at his doorstep and named her Hana. Now Hana is 14 and demons are desperately trying to get Vivi to return, involving the young human girl into their schemes. And while this is happening Vivi and Hana are slowly realizing they don’t just love each other as family, but demons and humans shouldn’t be together.

As good as the premise sounds to me, this was a pretty boring read. The ending was bitter-sweet as Hana dies and Vivi stays on earth with their two half-human/half-demon children and I loved that part. The jokes were also pretty good. But, everything else was average and at times pacing was bad. All in all I liked it for the jokes and the bitter-sweet romance, but this is not something I would recommend to anyone.

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