A Piece of Sky

There were so many new things to take in. With a rise of panic, it became clear how overwhelming it all could be.
I took in our surroundings and tried to calm myself.
I looked to another one. Tree….
One more. Another tree….
The sound of crickets made me glad I wasn’t the only one still awake. Their music helped soothe me. I still couldn’t get over how soft the little red hen was. I counted her with the trees. Chicken….
A brief lull. Rocks….
Something moved in the darkness of the woods. I startled to full alertness. Not a tree.
We were being spied on.

indexAn acorn hung from the Father Tree, protected by Abaven. However, one day the acorn fell off as Abaven fought off a creature heading for the tree. The acorn was picked up by an evil creature, but was flung away and hit the hen Rós in the head. Rós and her friend Grania then sets out on a journey to find out what this little piece of sky is.

I must admit the hen on the cover is very intriguing. Also, this book – the fourth book in the series by Hunter – is not so bad. It’s a retelling of Henny Penny (or Chicken Little in the states) and is set at the same place as Moonlight – the Summer Isle. The pacing is really strange, but it was a pretty fun read, actually. It was short and the main characters definitely had depth. Rós the hen wasn’t as dynamic a character as the acorn though.

However, I cannot just praise it. I felt it a little rushed, and as I said, it felt like the pacing was weird. The sometimes a bit more visual aesthetic choice of writing felt a bit annoying. I also feel like the characters that weren’t the main characters – that is Rós and the acorn – lacked depth and could have been developed more. Especially Abaven that turned out to be pretty important.

Overall a decent read, but it has its issues. But of the of three books by Hunter that I’ve read the past days, this is certainly the best. If you’d like to get A Piece of Sky, you can find it here!

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