One Billion Rupiah Girl


Sevin is one unlucky guy. He’s coworker made his boss force him to do more work, his girlfriend broke up with him, his father is selling a cellphone – that Sevin gave to his younger sister – to get money for gambling and he feels like the entire world is against him. That’s when he finds a girl who’s fainted in an alley. It’s Sarah, who claims to be homeless and an orphan, but she has a lot of money in her pocket.

This is a kinetic novel by EVE Project, available on Windows, Mac and Linux. I play this as part of a “game club” kind fo thing where we are a few who play the same game over the same period of time and then discuss it. There will be more posts featuring games like this and they will be tagged as “Twitter Game Club” (for now at least) and irregular as to when they appear as time decided for each game isn’t necessarily the same.

I didn’t have high expectations on this one. Let me first address the art. It’s very much mismatched. I’m okay with sprites and background not entirely matching up – not matching at all, really – but when the characters look a lot different from each other in terms of how they were drawn it’s kind of annoying. You can, pretty obviously, expect no CGs and it’s not voiced either. It does has some background music and sound effects though.

The English was not just meh, but was pretty bad. Not Alice in Heart bad tho, so creds! I’m assuming the people who worked on it consisted of Indonesians/non-natively English people. If you can’t stand English with bad grammar I suggest going elsewhere.

The story was average, as expected, but really what the fuck in a pretty much every sense. A real roller-coaster  pacing though. The story had maybe an atom of potential and the ending where Sarah says he’ll marry Sevin was just too cliché. As this was really short, there wasn’t much to speak of when it comes to character development. It had some funny moments though and one could understand this short visual novel, so it’s not all totally bad, but it’s far from being good.

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3 thoughts on “One Billion Rupiah Girl

  1. Why you make me remember we played this ;_;
    (Twitter game thing? XDDD )
    (Should it now be Line game thing, or should you use the name of the group? ;P )


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