Final Fantasy Record Keeper

The world is in danger! Records of legendary deeds are getting warped and the pictures the record keepers keep are disappearing. Dr. Mog sends Tyro (name changeable) into the records to restore them and only Tyro is able to go. Now Tyro has to relive the records and fight legendary fights to restore the records and so restore the world.

This is a pretty average RPG considering it’s for a mobile device. You get to relive the adventures from the Final Fantasy games you have played, or get a pretty decent idea of the games you haven’t played. I ended up being pretty bored though. If your characters are too strong it’s as easy as putting it on auto and all enemies die with little to no effort. Even bosses. I went auto mode on all regular enemies and then manual for bosses to get any bonuses related to how you defeat them, but that’s pretty much all the effort I felt to put down in it.

Pretty sad right?

But if you really love Final Fantasy or want to learn a bit more about each game in the series, I think this is a pretty good time-killing game. You can collect heroes from the various games and there are a few original ones, such as Tyro. The game fighting mechanics are pretty simple. Unless you make your choices quick, the enemies will attack.

You unlock dungeons from various games as you go along, so you might start on Final Fantasy VII, and then jump to IV, to then do X, but you haven’t gotten much out of the story from each. My assumption is however, that you will get more of it as you unlock more. I didn’t even come to the point where I unlocked all available games, because I got so bored.

I also found this game surprisingly heavy on my tablet. It has some animations that would lack because everything in the game is done while connected online. You can’t play the game without an Internet connection due to this as well.

So yes, I can see why it might be charming to some or a good time-killer, but as most of my time is spent getting content to write about (that usually means playing games or read), killing time like that was not really a good way to waste time. Average game, however not recommended. I’m sure you can find better. But you can get it for free for Android from Google Play and for iOS from iTunes.

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