Starry*Sky ~in Spring~

Starry★Sky春_0012Tsukiko Yahisa (name changeable) really loves stars, and attends a school to study astronomy together with her childhood friends Kanata Nanami (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) and Suzuya Tohzuki (CV: Daisuke Ono). However she is the only girl at the school. At the end of the school year, in March, there is a transfer student, Yoh Tomoe (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa). Yoh claims to be Tsukiko’s childhood friend, but Tsukiko can’t remember this “Hitsuji”.

Yoh Tomoe (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa)
Starry★Sky春_0003He transfers to Tsukiko’s class from France. He’s really happy he gets to meet Tsukiko again after all these years and asks her to call him “Hitsuji” (Yoh is written 羊, which can also be read hitsuji, “sheep”) like she used to. She doesn’t remember Yoh though until later that day but calls him Hitsuji the entire day, since he requested her to. The next day she calls him Tomoe, but Yoh wants her to call him Yoh, if Hitsuji is too childish.

He says he doesn’t need anyone but Tsukiko, but still tries to get along with Suzuya and Kanata because Tsukiko wants him to. But he can’t get along with Kanata and starts calling Kanata “Furyou” (不良, “failure”; “inferiority”) which really pisses Kanata off. They get along better after fist fighting though, and eventually their bickering is actually friendly, even if it’s confusing both Suzuya and Tsukiko at the beginning.

Normal End
Starry★Sky春_0067Yoh is going back to France to research stars with his parents, because it’s a dream the three of them have. Tsukiko is really troubled about it and thinks both about how she needs to send him off with a smile and how lonely she’ll be. Then, suddenly, just a little more than a week before Yoh is returning, Yoh confesses his feeling to Tsukiko and asks her to reply the day after tomorrow. Tsukiko spends the next two days really thinking how she feels, and she tells him she loves him too. The two spend the last week of Yoh’s stay in Japan as a couple.

After going to France, Yoh very quickly moved on to America and Yoh and Tsukiko haven’t been able to talk. But one day Yoh calls Tsukiko in what should be early in the morning for him. But it turns out Yoh isn’t in America at all.

Good End
Pretty much same as normal end up until Yoh has gone to France.

Two years pass and Tsukiko, Suzuya and Kanata graduate. Yoh come to congratulate them, surprising them all. Despite the long time that has passed, it’s like nothing changed between them. But Yoh has something to tell Tsukiko, and asks the others to stay. He proposes, but it’s making everyone laugh. Because it’s outdated. After the laughter dies down, he however get an answer that equals a yes.

Best End
Starry★Sky春_00785 years have passed since the graduation. Today is the day of Yoh’s and Tsukiko’s marriage. They promise to always love each other, even if there might be times they fight or can’t see each other.

Kanata Nanami
(CV: Tomokazu Sugita)
Starry★Sky春_0081He’s Tsukiko’s childhood friend. Kanata doesn’t like Yoh from the moment he sees him and is quick to start a fight, but after a fist fight the two get a long better with each other. He tends to joke around with Tsukiko and sometimes says what he really thinks about her, but brushes things off as jokes or random compliments. He shows that he cares about her when she does something he thinks is out of line, like entering the male dorm by herself.

Though he tries to hide it, Kanata is very ill, but Suzuya and Tsukiko always notice when it’s affecting him. The weakness of his body is also why he fights, as it lets him forget about his illness for a while, but it’s not good for him to fight. Yoh learns later on about it, and even though they don’t talk about it, he takes Kanata’s illness in consideration.

Normal End
Starry★Sky春_0092One day Tsukiko overhears Yoh and Kanata talk. Something about Kanata needing to do his best. They say it’s nothing important when they realize Tsukiko is there and hasn’t heard much. Kanata and Tsukiko the leaves together and on the way home, Kanata confesses his feelings. Tsukiko ends up running away and doesn’t know how to act around Kanata because she’s confused. So Kanata confesses his feelings again and says that after that, they’ll go back to being just childhood friends. She doesn’t like that though and when Kanata goes missing after collapsing, Tsukiko realizes her feelings. They become a really stupid couple.

Yoh has left for France and it’s a school break now. Kanata, of course, has extra classes. Kanata hoped to drag Tsukiko to the beach, but they settle for looking at the stars that evening instead.

Good End
It’s one month left until graduation. Kanata tells Tsukiko that he’s been to the hospital and he’s actually doing really good right now.  He tells Tsukiko about his dream and that he wants to study abroad for it. Then he gets all moody like the kid he is, proposes, is more or less scolded and it finished off with Tsukiko proposing to him in response.

Best End
Starry★Sky春_0100It’s been 5 years since the graduation and Kanata is late for his own wedding. When he finally arrives, Tsukiko has to fix his attire because… well it’s Kanata? But he promises to make Tsukiko happy, and also says he won’t be happy without Tsukiko. He knows she might end up being lonely at times due to his job, but he asks Tsukiko to only look at him. Then the ceremony could actually start.

Suzuya Tohzuki (CV: Daisuke Ono)
Starry★Sky春_0009He’s Tsukiko’s childhood friend and he tries to get along with Yoh, which is easier done for him, than Kanata. He’s a very nice person and don’t want anyone to be hurt, so when Kanata and Yoh fist fight, Suzuya stops them when it’s starting to go too far. He’s also the one who can make them stop fighting, often using Tsukiko or food as an excuse for them to be “good children”. Making him angry is probably the last thing you’d ever want to do, because although he keeps his calm and even smile, you will know he isn’t happy.

Normal End
Starry★Sky春_0115One day Suzuya collapses because he has a fever. Kanata and Yoh takes him to the nurse and he is put in a bed to sleep. While waiting for him to wake up, Tsukiko is by his side, holding his hand. When he wakes up he feels better, but Tsukiko says that of course she’s worried about her childhood friend. She keeps saying things like this, unaware of both her own and his feelings until Suzuya one day wonders if Tsukiko likes Yoh. He doesn’t want Tsukiko to think and see only Yoh, but to see Suzuya as a man and as someone in love with her. Tsukiko needs time to think, but eventually she figures out what her feelings are.

It’s summer vacation and after Tsukiko’s practise, she and Suzuya meet up. Because she’s been practising a lot, Suzuya has made her food and they eat together under the starry sky.

Good End
2 years have passed and it’s the graduation. Suzuya wants to talk. Here comes the break up talk! He’s troubled because he’s still a kid and can’t protect Tsukiko. He wants to become an adult. But Tsukiko tells him it’s fine and that he doesn’t need to hurry – they can become adults together. Then Suzuya proposes and Tsukiko accepts.

Best End
Starry★Sky春_01245 years have passed and Tsukiko and Suzuya are getting married. The ceremony has gone well and they are about to exchange rings, but Suzuya has something to say. After he’s said having Tsukiko by his side and Tsukiko replied, the ceremony can continue.

Friendship End
Starry★Sky春_0037Yoh is going back to France. It turns out his father got recognition for his research and his parents are going to go to America to research stars. They ask Yoh to go with them as the dream of their family is to research stars together and he’ll leave very soon – on May 30th. Tsukiko, Kanata and Suzuya decides to surprise Yoh the day before he leaves. And it’s with tears and smiles, Tsukiko, Kanata and Suzuya see their friend leave with the promise they’ll see each other again, some day.

A month later Tsukiko receives a letter from Yoh, which she reads to Kanata and Suzuya as well…

I played the PSP version, in other words Starry*Sky ~in Spring~ Portable, and as I bought the twinpack when the fan disc was released on the PSP, so at some point I’ll play the FD as well. My schedule is a bit full at the moment though.

The Friend End was cute and was what I got first, after that I played in the order I wrote them in above, as always. I liked the Friend End, but somehow it felt a bit like… Kanata, Suzuya and Tsukiko will eventually lose contact with Yoh and their friendship ends there. I’m awful, am I not?

Yoh is really moe. He tries to be an adult, but he’s pretty childish and refuse to be honest about things that are obvious. But sometimes I got a bit creeped out by him. The combination of “I will only ever love you” and “I came all the way from France to Japan to see you” just made all the stalker alarms in my brain go off big time. The alarms goes off when it turns out he’ll leave, but still stalker warning in Yoh.

I wasn’t very fond of Kanata from beginning to end. It’s like trying to romance a possessive 5-year-old who is failing to seem grown up. The circumstances with his illness just made me even more annoyed, because although I feel for him, I really just wanted to beat some sense into him at all times. Also, worst crybaby I’ve seen in a while.

Suzuya is best boy in this game. He’s route is sweet, but I can’t help but feel like he might have some hidden crazy underneath. Under different circumstances he’d end up like Toma. So take his threats seriously, okay? But in general, I really like Suzuya and some things just reminded me of my own relationship. I could definitely relate to some stuff Tsukiko went through, but it took me a little more than a few days to figure out the difference between liking someone as a friend and as a romantic interest. (lol) But it does bother me Suzuya is so jealous.

This is a port from the PC game and so the CGs are cut a bit. Which wouldn’t bother me at all except, sometimes the cut is really off.Starry★Sky春_0069

Like… I’m not fond of Kanata. but half of his face is cut off. Isn’t that kinds of awful? However, there is the possibility to get the different ratio under control if you want to, which leads to the screen having pink-ish bars on the sides. I preferred to have the screens fit into the PSP, but occasionally would change the setting to see the entire CG.Starry★Sky春_0070

Another issue for me was the copypasta. It wasn’t much, but in Yoh’s route I was forced to see some scenes I had already seen, even though it skipped both before and after. Sam happened in Suzuya’s route but on a different scene. It’s possible there were super subtle changes in them, but I feel like the majority was the same if that’s the case, so… I would had liked to just skip until something new was said instead. Other than that there were some scenes that were more or less the same but with different guys.

On the other hand, it was handy to be able to have auto mode and skip read on at the same time. It would automatically skip read text and then I’d just read it on auto through what I had yet to read and it’d skip right away after I read the new text.

By finishing the game you get a few extras. In the planetarium you can find an after talk, a poem and a wallpaper in the Character Data and if you go to Lunar Eclipse you will find a few extra scenarios.

This is a very sweet game and is very cute. I enjoyed it most of the time and it was actually a good pick after Code: Realize with its darker themes and Black Wolves Saga which is what I’ll be playing after writing this review. There wasn’t much plot to talk about though and it’s pretty short, but a game like this is nice once in a while. Not really my kind of game though, I prefer more story.

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Note that the Nintendo 3DS is a region locked console! You need a Japanese 3DS to play a Japanese 3DS game!

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