10th Blogoversary


Though I suppose it should be the other way around. That you should tell me “Happy 10th, Anny!”

Although it’s merely been 2.5 years since the relaunch after my external service totally crapped up and kept making my blog go offline for no reason, I’ve been blogging since 2006. Honestly, I forgot the exact date, but as I know I wrote blogs in the autumn when I was 16, and there is nothing really going on on my blog in the summer anyway… Why not celebrate the 10th anniversary 6 month after the relaunch anniversary? As you can see the blog has had a lot of changes “over night”. In all honesty it’s been a couple of days, as I’ve added small new things in advance. I’ve worked my butt off and had the nicest possible people help me out by looking at everything from layout and blog theme related stuff to editing my Q&A. Big thanks to everyone who helped out! Without you I don’t think I never would had made it.

I tried to clean the entire blog up to not have so much in your face and – as I announced in June – now have my own domain for the blog. I suggest you look around to see all the small and big changes I’ve worked on for the past 3 weeks. There are still a few things that will appear in the future, because I didn’t have time to do it all.

Down the Memory Lane
It’s been 10 years. I can’t really get it, but time does pass quickly when you have fun. I started out writing in Swedish and I believe the blog’s title was “Bitter Sweet Feathers” and it was on one of the Swedish platforms. It was mainly life blogging but I realized two things: 1) I don’t do well with life blogging, and 2) Swedish is not my preferred language to write in.

I moved on to a non-Swedish platform and ended up on Blogspot. There I was hanging out for approximately 3-5 years, with a bunch of names – among them AN’s WoRLD.  I wrote a lot about interests and life, but reviews started to be the one big thing on my blog, together with a quarterly summary of all the anime shows that were airing next season. The name of the blog then evolved to The Anny Blog.

In 2012 I got my own website and I moved from Blogspot to WordPress either before or around the same time. I then moved my blog to my website, but as I mentioned the external server kept taking my blog down, so in 2013 it was barely up. It was also a pretty bad blogging year for me, because I was tremendously busy because of life. By now I only blogged about reviews or impressions.

And then, on January 2014, I relaunched The Anny Blog, as a review blog only, on WordPress and just recently got a custom domain. Since the relaunch I have gone from heavily reviewing animated shows to reviewing games, books and comics as my main topic. Which, although never actually planned, suits my subtitle (or whatever) much more. (LOL)

The frequency over the past 10 years have also been very varied. Until the relaunch I posted whenever I had something, but after the relaunch I scheduled my posts. They have been anything from once a week to once a month. I have also tried new things, such as having the anime summary every 3 months and things like that, but I prefer having it like it is now. Schedule posts and possibly some series of reviews, like the Crappy Android Otoge series.

Anny’s 5 favourite posts since 2014
I have a few posts I like, and I want to share my personal favs among the ones I’ve done. If you have one you like let me know in a comment!

5. Samurai Flamenco
This show if so fucking weird and the post is pretty funny to reread for me. The rage about the gorilla is still real though. STILL PISSED ABOUT THAT GORILLA.

4. Diabolik Lovers
I really disliked this show. I still refuse to play them game and even more so after playing Amnesia and I had a break down. So this is probably what you’ll ever get from me about DiaLov. It was my first post after the relaunch.

3. Dokidoki Precure
This was the WORST Precure show I’ve watched. Ever. I was pretty pissed off and I’ve left all the typos because of how angry I was at it.

2. Letter to Aksys
This is my absolutely most popular post I have. I addressed the issues with the low quality on their two latest localizations of otome games. I never got an answer, nor did they block me.

1. Alice in the Heart
This isn’t even a proper review, but just me pointing out flaws in the Google Translate version of Heart no Kuni no Alice. It does, however, win the first place for favourite posts of mine.

What are your favourite posts?

My hopes for the future

I hope to blog for another 10 years. And I hope you’ll stick with me regardless of what I post. As it looks like right now, I won’t be leaving my current ways of scheduling and what I post, but the Crappy Android Otoge series would be revived if I hit a certain Patreon goal. I have also been considering some other things like a Retro Gaming series and Manga Monday. You can suggest more things like these if there is anything you want me to review. They would be sporadic posts to start with, but if there is enough interest, I might consider it.

Just like with the Android series, I have goals on Patreon for more posts, so really, do check it out if you want to see what else is there in the goals or if you want to give a small monthly donation for the blog to keep going. You can also let me know if you think the goals or rewards should be changed.

I really hope my blog can continue to be regularly updated, despite the fact I’m ill, and that I can focus on it. Because really, this is one of the things I enjoy the most and I know I will continue to enjoy to write this blog, as well as seeing it grow and evolve over the years. The past 10 years have been interesting, and I don’t doubt that then next 10 years will as well. And hopefully, you are here to read it in the future as well.

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know if there is a problem with anything, if there are typos or problematic grammar anywhere. I really want to make sure the blog is great for both my readers and myself.

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