Questionnaire Results (summary)

As promised, here are the results! At least a summary of it. I will make a full report available when I’m completely done with it. Do remember that this questionnaire was up before Aksys and MangaGamer announced their new otome games.

I had a total of 101 people answer my questionnaire and I’m extremely glad you took the time to do so. For simplicity, I will use the same sections as in the questionnaire for this summary (and in the full report). Hope you enjoy this summary!

You as a Gamer
First I asked what the person taking the questionnaire supported (bought/paid for) (in terms of otome games) and the majority, 62.4%, answered that more than one of the answers was true. 18.8% only played Japanese games, 13.9% only played localized games, 3% choose to illegally obtain their games and 2% only play free games.

The people who responded to my questionnaire also mainly play their games on the computer, a handheld console or a mobile device, in that order. However they want their games first and foremost on handheld consoles and secondary on PC. Mobile devices and stationary consoles aren’t popular in either case.

59.4% of the people answering the questionnaire are ready to support a game on a platform they don’t prefer, but that still means that 40.6% will not buy a game if the game is not on their preferred platform.

For those who replied to my questionnaire the thing people want the most in the translation is that it’s true to the original work. This was closely followed by the translation making sense. Good grammar and spelling were also important, while censorship wasn’t.

While the majority wanted the translation to be true to the original, the majority is also ready to accept necessary changes. Some are also ready to accept a few typos, odd sentences and words that didn’t make sense in context.

When answering what would make them give up on a game, inconsistencies were the major deal breaker, but it was very closely followed by lots of typos, major grammatical errors and name/personality/age changes. Weird stuff (I made the example of “oka?y?”) and added memes are also worth mentioning as deal breakers for a lot of the people answering this questionnaire.

The Company
I asked how the people answering my questionnaire wanted the company to promote their games, and the clear top answers were that they want them to use social media (97%) and want it on news websites (85.1%). The majority (74.3%) also wanted the company to promote the games before they did a crowdfunding (if they had one).

Although some can’t accept the company doing any of the things listed in my questionnaire, 66.7% of people replying to the question could accept lack of promotion. And, although written in many ways, the people who answered also want to be treated with respect by a company that acts professionally.

The Games
The majority of people who responded, wanted good story, well-written characters and well-drawn art in their games. A very small minority wants these games to only focus on romance, while there was an even split between whether a game should have a lot of story and less story or be a little less story heavy with more romance. 37.6%, however, chose that they are fine with any of these games and this was the most chosen option. The fantasy genre/setting is the most popular among those who responded to the questionnaire and it’s followed by romance and historical.

The top 10 (or 11) mentioned titles for games to be localized are:
1. Ken ga Kimi
2. Kokuchou no Psychedelica
3. Clock Zero/Clock Zero ExTime
4. Black Wolves Saga
4. Kenka Banchou Otome
6. Wand of Fortune/Wand of Fortune R
7. Moujuutsukai to Oujisama
8. Binary Star
8. Uta no Prince-sama
10. Amnesia Later
10. Hakuouki: Sweet School Life

As for the games that have been announced they are in spots:
11. Code Realize FD
33. Bad Apple Wars
33. Collar Malice
46. Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku
46. Period Cube

They all share their places with other games.

And yes, Taishou x Alice was mentioned a lot as well. It ended up on 18th spot with a bunch of other titles, but people also pointed out they wanted some other company than E2 Gaming to localize it. Lack of trust in Aksys was also mentioned, and so was also a wish of ports to PC and mobile AND no more PC ports to avoid pirating. Getting Otomate games localized was also repeatedly mentioned.

The total of games (and series/some games lumped together) mentioned in the questionnaire was 86. The total entries when I listed all games to count how many times they were mentioned were 290.

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