Escape Plan

Lil and Laarg are trying to escape from Bakuki, who plan on recycling them. Now it’s up to you as a player to keep Lil and Laarg from dying gruesome death by guiding them through various levels in a mixture of difficulties by solving the puzzle of each level.

I got this game with my Vita, as I had to get the Adventure Pack (or import – I chose the cheaper option) and when was in pain one day, I spent the day trying out games from the Adventure Pack. This one I liked and I played it in a day. It’s a fairly short game, but has several DLCs you can get and it was really just pleasant to use my head in a game.

The levels can be both easy and hard, but not necessarily in the same way. It can be easy to figure out what to do, but a pain in the ass to get through, or you just run around trying to figure out the puzzle forever and then it feels like you’ve been an idiot for not figuring out something so easy.

I love the black and white graphics and the story – yes, there is a story – is actually nice for such a short game. The game uses the features of the Vita extremely well and I just loved how I had to look like an idiot tilting my console to solve puzzles. I definitely recommend this game for anyone who love solving puzzles, but warn you that it is fairly short. However, don’t expect getting all the trophies in one go – you need to both kill Lil and Laarg and keep them alive through all puzzles to get all of them. But that’s not a problem if you like solving puzzles. It’s definitely worth replaying, after all.

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