158793lKyoha has been raised at a brothel and now, as an adult, she’s – as is natural – a prostitute. One day one of the others are murdered by her lover and Kyoha is rather cold about it. But the life of a prostitute has taught the woman a lesson she’ll never forget.

This is a short, very well written story about the life of prostitutes in Japanese history. We follow Kyoha as she grows up after being taken to the brothel of Yoshiwara and eventually finds love. I personally really enjoyed the story, and I’m a huge fan of Moyoco Anno’s art (the author and illustrator of Sugar Sugar Rune) but even I can admit there are awkward sequences in this piece.

I think this is a worth read for anyone, but I can also understand if someone doesn’t want to read about the story of how Kyoha became the person she is at the start. It can also be a bit heard to understand certain things unless you decided to google. One such thing might be “oiran” which isn’t a name, but a title.

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